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so um my last update was a month+ ago? oh whoops. ):

art is causing me way more difficulties than it did last semester; my long term art substitute is now our permanent teacher since mrs. verven resigned to stay home with her baby. miss segei is fresh out of college, and bases her entire teaching philosophy off of the art department head's rules without applying them well. predominantly, her major flaw is she grades our artwork off of quantity over quality, and they cannot be turned in unfinished (although i tend to turn them in anyway, only to get 70s despite the fact that they are 90% finished; i don't see why if i turned it in on time i don't get the percentage i haven't finished off instead of 30 points).
my art buddy and i seem to be the only people in my class who give a damn about the quality of our artwork, because everyone is turning in shitty projects except us. i don't know, am i wrong in not sacrificing what could be an awesome concept and a beautiful piece in my portfolio for a higher grade for something i did in one afternoon? :/ i mean, i realize deadlines are important and when i finally get a career i'll need to worship them like a god, but so is a finished product that not only satisfies the client/teacher, but me as well.
it's just incredibly discouraging to get lower grades when i know the final products i'm getting are fantastic. idk. ): what sucks is i'm suffering under a teacher who some art teachers in our school district don't deem qualified to even teach an advanced placement class. i really need to get the courage to talk to her about it, because she needs to shape up if she's going to be teaching full time.
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