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k not really it was just called surgery because it was invasive. sorry.
I had this funky mole on my ankle, and since my dad (who, i will note, is not blood related to me since I'm adopted) has skin cancer, Mom marched me to the doctor and we had it removed RIGHT THERE and WHAT THE HELL. I was expecting my dermatologist to be like, "k lol since you're young and you have no real history it's cool will just watch it" but no, i was numbed and it was removed.
It was... weird. BUT I'LL HAVE A SCAR. On all those surveys on facebook that ask if you have a scar, I can be all, "why yes, i do, meme no one really ever reads, aren't i cool and mysterious and not boring oh ho". It's exciting

It's kind of late in the game, but [ profile] 7dayslimit is starting up again! It's TWEWY based, obviously; it's basically a real life reaper's game, and it was started by the oh so delightfully moe [ profile] heartsalign. Play next week! It's fun and stuff!

I also updated my profile. It's fashioned as an intropost kind of thing; listing everything that I love is so incredibly hard wwwwwtf.

So I watch The Speed Gamer Marathons like some obsessive thing that would sound witty in a metaphor. Their Metal Gear Marathon is finishing up tomorrow and I have to say I am kind of... glad. After MGS4 I never want to see old person ass after such a plentiful helping of it ever again. jesus christ.

I sat down with Mom and watched Merlin tonight, and lol @ lame special effects made tons more awesome by the fact that a show from BBC is airing on NBC. How awesome is that. I think I'm going to sit down tomorrow or something and watch all the episodes that I can find on the internet, even though my brain is going to be screaming at me that their version of Arthurian legend is WRONG. That's okay.

Ummmmm that's it. I think. Summer's been good to me thus far, ACT/SAT aside. And tiredness aside. And the occasional RAEG YOU NEED TO GET YOUR DRIVER'S PERMIT from my mother. Oh well. Hope you guys are doing good too.


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