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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] pikagalmish!!

I like how my past two journal entries have been birthday wishes. Gosh darnit, you crazy kids, why are all of your birthdays so close together?

Also, I would like to wish everyone on my flist who is doing NaNoWriMo good luck! :D♥ Even if it's a day late.

EDIT: btw guys, my nanowrimo page is here if you'd like to friend me. ♥

EDIT^2: btw again, I found a nifty little tool for firefox a while back. The NaNoWriMo Meter can predict how many words you'll have written by the end of the month based on your pace of writing. It's already gotten me back to writing like, five times, since it turns red if you haven't updated it in a while. It's also a handy way to keep your word count somewhere, especially since NaNo's official one isn't working. |:
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Today was more :) than :| compared to yesterday's ):. I really wanted to sleep in, because I was just so tired, but I ended up falling asleep around two o'clock. Whoops, I should really get out of the habit of forcing myself awake to write stuff down. Even though I come up with the best stuff before I fall asleep...

My lovely alarm clock of a dog decided to wake me up at 7:20 (no lie, she loves waking me up at exact times). I then locked me and her in my room and played around on photoshop for most of the morning, leading to an increased addiction in this fucking amazing song and music video. People started to call around 9 to offer help if we needed it, et cetera. I spent the rest of the morning doodling and cleaning up here and there; we're probably going to have my mom's church friends bringing us food and stuff, since they love to do that. Oh well; this means good eats for me instead of the usual microwave food.

I got my halloween costume fabric this afternoon! I'm going to be Iroha from Beatmania, although it'll be considerably less detailed due to my procrastination. Hahaha whoops. I just wanted a costume I could wear headphones with to showcase them, because seriously. They are amazing. I also received MYth in the mail today (talk about weird; a mixture of good stuff and shitty stuff has managed to cram itself into this week). It really cheered me up. The ending is absolutely adorable homfg. ♥

Tomorrow is art day. I think I'm being forced to church still, so that makes time a real issue. I just really don't want to work on my project this weekend, with all this happening. I'm going to have mom write me a note in case I don't finish, but ugh. I am not in the mood.

Several people have asked me via facebook if I'm going to stay home from school on Monday. I can understand why, but since we're having a memorial service and not a funeral, there's really no other reason to stay home other than the fact that Mom might need me around. I'm a little bit scared of going though, because I've found myself randomly tearing up today and I don't know how long it'll last. I just hate crying around people. They all rush up and ask me what's wrong and tell me it's okay and wtf, it just makes it worse. I'm all for being sympathetic when someone experiences a loss, and offering assistance if it's needed, but I really just want people to treat me normally when I'm upset. |: Otherwise it's just awkwardly painful to sit through.
I may talk to my mom about potentially doing a half day if need be. She's going to be home for most of the week making calls and preparations and things, so it won't be that inconvenient.

le sigh. |:

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My grandmother passed away earlier this afternoon, around 3:30 CST. I called my mother before then, and she told me that my grandmother was having trouble breathing and wasn't responding to the treatment, and basically that she was fading fast. When I called back around 4:20, mom told me the news.

Although I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to tell her goodbye, I'm mostly relieved for her. Her quality of life was just horrible and getting worse by the day, so at least she won't have to be put through that anymore, and at least she's with my grandfather now.

We haven't set a date for the funeral yet. In fact, I don't really know the specifics. I'm waiting to ask until my mother gets home.

I really wish most of my friends had met my grandmother before my grandfather died. She's partially the reason why I'm an artist and not a dancer, since she was an artist herself. In fact, that's the reason I'm so disappointed I couldn't say goodbye - I really wanted to tell her how much she's influenced what I love.

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So I totally did not just get a Tegaki E account.
I-it looked cute and fun. :)

Quick summary of my life for the past few days: zzzzzzz, then some ugggggggggggh, then some do not waaaaaaaaant, then some stresssss; also could be interpreted as a lot of repeating letters, general stress, and miscellaneous agony. |:
Not to mention I haven't gotten to play lineage in like, 2 days. I am dying.

Also, RE: Project Runway.
As much as I agree with the judges on Jerell, wtf is Kenley doing on that runway fffffff not amused.

In the mean time, my dragons hatched, have looked like reptiles, and have now sprouted wings. ♥♥ I still don't know want to name them. I'm trying to think up a theme, and so far all I've come up with is town and npc names from Lineage 2.
... What?
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I'm on an MMO high and will probably stay that way for the next week or so, so bear with me. Anyway, seriously... )

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So I skipped church today to play lineage 2. x: I think if I combined the total levels I gained today with both of my characters, it would equal 80. Damn I'm weird.

Anyway! pix time, because l2 graphics are pretty. the fruits of my labor today )



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Quick rant. I apologize, flist.

Webmastering now deserves it's own tag, because especially when we start getting assigned projects, I can tell my teacher and I are going to be in one hell of an epic struggle.
Last Tuesday, we had a production test. Basically, we're given an instruction sheet and a screencap of a website, and we have to remake it. Absolutely thrilling, I know. Last production test, I deviated from the instructions a little and got penalized for it, so since I learned from my mistakes, I told myself to not show any signs of creativity whatsoever and treat that instruction sheet like my bible. A test that could've taken me 15 minutes lasted around 30, because I quadruple checked my code and the instructions so I could deliver an absolutely flawless result that I'm capable of giving.

So we get our test grades back today, and I get a 90.
I seriously wtf. A 97/95 I could understand, but a 90? That meant I did something wrong. So I grab up my rubric when it's given back to me and look over her corrections.
Five points off for defining the horizontal rule size as '5px' instead of just plain '5'. Another five points for not adding alternate text to the image, which I honestly do not remember being on the instructions. If it is on the instructions, then so be it (I will find this out tomorrow, since I'm asking for the instructions sheet to compare against my code again).
But the horizontal rule thing I still cannot understand. It's just two extra characters. It looked the same as if I had used '5' instead of '5px'. She had never taught us how to edit the size and shit of a horizontal rule except for mentioning it as an afterthought and giving us a vague worksheet.

I honestly do not get what she wants from us students. Instead of telling us what she doesn't want to see/what isn't acceptable by the curriculum standard, she just marks off for it on tests and quizzes. imho, it's a little bit rude to be so picky about something we didn't know she was looking for after we've moved on to learning new things. Learning from our mistakes on quizzes and tests is too late to be learning something; that's what homework is for, god damnit.

asjdf;laksf seriously.

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School was a pretty 'meh' ordeal this week. It was really depressing, because I came home every day feeling that I had already been attending for months and it's only the second week. Not a good feeling. |:

art continues to suprise me, though )

I received my first birthday present in the mail yesterday! James, one of my friends I met at Junior Classical League, sent my tarot cards, so I ditched working on my art projects to play around with them. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous; the booklet that came with them said the artist spent a decade on the deck, and oh god I believe it. Every card has a unique, hand-drawn and colored picture, and ahsdf;klajhdsf wow. So much respect. I really want to draw my own deck now.
It is also scary and really awesome how the readings turned out. I may be a believer yet!

While I was thinking of things to look forward to (to help me get through the school week), I remembered that I had signed up for NaNoWriMo last year and never actually entered. This year, I an determined to do it and actually get to 50,000 words. I even have deadlines written out in my planner and everything; I have to write 1,250 words (at least) on weekdays, and 5,000 every weekend come November, and I'm spending the next couple of months planning every little detail. :) It's a really nice distraction, and I hope that I manage to get it done.

Probably should get finished with my art projects, though. Orz.

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Flaunt it indeed.

finally, i'm ready for animefest )

I must say, Project Runway has started getting better. The past two episodes have been awesome (drag queens, and then dresses made out of spare car parts a++). I still don't have a favorite designer yet, but I think it may wind up being Terri.

Baww [ profile] heartsalign isn't in my lunch anymore. It's completely retarded that only her art class switched to A lunch. I'm hoping that they'll change the lunches again today and she'll be switched back, because it's A lunch that needs less people, not B. Please, Senior High gods, have mercy on us!
Also, worth mentioning - I love eating outside. I used to not even like going outside because of the bugs and crap, but there are seriously no flies swarming around our table and it is so nice sitting by the pond. I think all this vitamin D is really helping, because I feel tons healthier after just three days. Or I must be crazy. Either way, it's extremely nice and relaxing and holy shit there are freaking huge carp in that pond (don't ask for now - I'll get a picture later).

Have a mentioned because attending this convention with a different name is fun? I'm going as Naomi Belmont, so I've been practicing a new signature for signing all my prints, and it's incredibly fun. Woo dual identity!

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What is this?

can it be? )

More picspam coming to you this afternoon, when I pick up my letter sized prints. :)

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:3 Night everyone.

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I'm taking a break from the internet.

There's stuff I really need to work out before I potientally see all my friends I haven't seen all summer tomorrow.

See you.

EDIT: One more thing.

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Thank you to anyone who commented on this entry. Once my birthday comes around and I get tons of Borders giftcards, those books will be eaten through faster than I eat breakfast.

I slept over at [ profile] heartsalign's house on Friday, and spending time with a friend was exactly what I needed. :D I watched the Opening Ceremony over there with her, and I'm joining the legions of people who think it was a++ amazing. Because it was. I need to find some high quality screencaps or something, because it'd be fantastic to icon/make headers out of/just look back on it/et cetera. Also, wtf @ US Team; could you have taken ANY LONGER to gtfo the television screen?
We also watched Neo Angelique ~Abyss~, and I proceeded to angst about not finding a true pairing in the episodes we watched (because pairings make everything better), so I'm just going to settle for the OT5 that is the main cast. Maybe an OT10, actually, because other than the main character, EVERYONE ELSE IS A GUY.
Also, lawl at Code Geass Mario Party. :3

Mom picked me up around 1 the following afternoon, and she carted me along to my grandmother's. We get to her nursing home and I find out the reason we're there is because some idiot stole my grandmother's wedding ring. It's not just a case of 'it fell off her finger because she's losing weight', because we looked everywhere (seriously) and it was nowhere to be found. ): And apparently, it's pretty hard to get it off of her finger, since mom had a clasp put on the back of the band when she had it filled with cubic zirconium (my grandmother had made the diamonds into a necklace for my mother a few Christmases ago; one of those 'past present future' ones).
Even if the diamonds aren't real, just ugh. That ring is one of the last things she has in her small little room of my grandpa. It just seems so cruel to me that someone would take it just because she can't really do anything about it. ): I hope we manage to find it.

Anyway, since we went to my grandmother's yesterday, I will be home more quickly today. Thank goodness; my animefest prints are going so slowly. I'm seriously afraid I'm not going to get them finished on time. I'm almost 100% completed with 2 of them, and I've been working on several others at the same time, so hopefully I can finish up and get them ordered within the next few days. Orz, it will feel so good not to be chained to my tablet when this is all over.

Also, thank you, Church, for fixing the internet problem. I've been dying the past few weeks when I don't have anything to do other than write or play pokemanz.


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I'm not even finished with Breaking Dawn, and I know I need book rehab. It's just so terrible. I would go back and read some Westerfeld or Holly Black or Stephen King or something in my bookcase but I don't even think that could save me now. I need something new and amazing. D: Help me, flist!!
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Dear Fanwork in General,

Screw the rules i have money you. I've never been a fanart/fanfic person. Even though I'd love to partake in it, I can't. In fic's case, I feel like I could never do the characters or the storyline justice, and drawing fanart makes me feel like I'm sacrificing my artistic integrity. I don't want to draw/write characters I didn't think up. They're awesome to read and look at and totally aksdjf;alskdjf about, but no. I will not think about doing either again.

So, basically, sorry. And sorry to everyone attending AnimeFEST, looking for prints of Naruto fanart and Kingdom Hearts bookmarks or whatever, because you will not be getting any from me. I've tried and I just don't have the heart to finish anything I've sketched out. You'll just have to deal with my non-series-related artwork.I promise it will be pretty.

Much love!!

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The Dark Knight was completely amazing.

... ♥

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Just a quickie - I feel like announcing this, since I think it's really exciting.

Say hello to my future turntables. They aren't Technics, but Numark is pretty good for starting off. Besides, all that's pictured there comes with it - two turntables, a mixer, the headphones, slipmats, cartridges, and the cables.

Aaah I can't wait until after Afest. It will be miiiine. ♥

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I just caught up with my project 365 blog. I haven't told my mom about the blog part, but she's definitely noticed the picture taking aspect of it. So I've been bugging her for a new camera since I started doing it last Monday (well, I started bugging her again; I've been asking for a new camera since the lens on this one started wigging out). Right now, I'm aiming to bug her into getting a Canon Powershot SD1000, and she saw some in the paper and was asking me about them yesterday.
Oh the hope. ):

Anyway, quite the busy weekend. Pretty much the majority of Saturday was spent writing music in Fruity Loops. I got a really nice new VST called Nexus, along with some of the expansions, and I'm trying to move more towards happy hardcore sounding melodies. It is hard. I can get the leads pretty much perfect, but it's the problem of getting that full, 'holy crap seizure'-like sound.
I've got all week. I can do this.

Anyway, time to finish up my homework. lol Only thirty minutes until I leave.

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renaissance trip, part ii )



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