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So this week, ever since I went to college night, I've picked one of those thick booklets to bring to school to read over, tab, mark lightly with a pencil, etc. So far, I've really liked MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design) and CCS (College of Creative Studies), and LCAD (Laguna College of Art and Design) is okay.
Although I already foresee that there is only a 10% chance I will go to any of these, as a] scholarship money probably won't cover all the costs, b] my mom wants me close to home (partially because my dad will only pay for an in-state college, but I don't know if I can change his mind - I probably can if I can knock off some of the price), c] I just won't get accepted.
But I really, really want to try for CCS.

Anyway, Miss [ profile] zwip is still asleep (I honestly don't want to wake her up). I didn't get any work done on my costume last night except for cutting out the skirt. Hopefully when we go out and get Ariel's fabric today, we can feel more productive.
Besides, there isn't anything on TV on Saturday (*coughnumberswasonlastnightcough*).

I brought my art project home this weekend to finish sketching it out, and maybe start on it. After Ariel leaves this evening, I'm going to type up what I need to for my English essay and work on it a little, then I'll take a picture.

Oh yeah, after I stopped working last night, I made Ariel watch Lucky Star. Akira for the win!
Seriously, bipolar super idols rock.

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School is still going miserably. At least I have my afternoon classes to look foward to. We developed a new inside joke in Latin. Gotta love derivatives! <3

Anyway, why do the good things have to happen outside of school? I mean, Aria third season was announced a few days ago, then I heard the director of 300 is going to do an adaptation of the illustrated man on Attack of the Show yesterday, then I discover Sarah Ellerton (artist/writer of Inverloch) is releasing her new comic on my birthday.
Now, if only some good things could work themselves inside the classroom...

I hope I get used to this soon though. I hate being so tired.

Edit: My mom is such a liar. I've been asking for my black turtleneck for months now. She says she hasn't washed it yet.
It's been in her second closet so long it has some dust on the hanger.

I wonder what she's gonna say when I come out of school with it on. XD

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So my net finally decides to work on my computer when no one is online. At 2:45 in the morning.

And I cannot go to sleep so naturally I'm not sleeping and browsing the internets, which I'm glad I did because RxJ episode 11 was released. So I'm downloading it at 2:45 in the morning. SCORE.

And I'm being paranoid of mom catching me. At 2:45 in the morning, this is very probable.

I probably won't be going to sleep any time soon. I've had waaaay too much energy lately. So it's 2:45 in the morning. Seriously, it feels freaking good to be up this late for a change.

Oh wait, no, it's 2:46 in the morning. Sorry.


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oh my. I must be incredibly bored because I've spent almost all day playing the Sims 2, because Shi lent me her nightlife CDs. ): Building houses is way too much fun for it's own good, and the Nightlife music is addicting. I need to find the package file for the DJ booth.

Anyway, I've been plowing through series so quickly I'm running out of things to watch. I'm almost finished with what's released of Lucky Star, and I know I'm going to complete Air and Kanon before the end of the week, so I'm considering going after Sola since Gabysu said it was good. Until TV-Nihon's tracker page is up, no Sh15uya. I am such an idiot for deleting it. ):

Also Garo is offically awesome and I'm going to go after it's merchandise like Shi does with KR and Sentai. After watching the two hour special, Beast of the White Night, I can completely agree that the White Knight's armor is awesome and I need a PVC or something of it.
Speaking of PVCs I also need to start saving for the Aria ones.

Damn I need money. I need games, manga, books, and to start on my wishlist I've made off of HLJ.

Otherwise, I would moan and grown about how annoying my mom has started to become, but that's pretty much expected.

Also! Mom is going to a travel agency to see about renting a Galveston beach house thing for a week sometime in July or maybe the last week of this month. I might see Heather while I'm there, along with Mrs. Barbara (CousCous's mommy). And with luck, Gaby might be coming along which would be awesome!
I only hope if this plan goes through, the beach house has wifi. ): I'm bringing my Wii and DS just in case.



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