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so um my last update was a month+ ago? oh whoops. ):

art is causing me way more difficulties than it did last semester; my long term art substitute is now our permanent teacher since mrs. verven resigned to stay home with her baby. miss segei is fresh out of college, and bases her entire teaching philosophy off of the art department head's rules without applying them well. predominantly, her major flaw is she grades our artwork off of quantity over quality... )
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Okay so my life the past two weeks can pretty much be summarized in the following list:


  • art

  • art-related stress

  • VASE

  • VASE-related stress

  • sleep and lack thereof

  • holy crap this book is awesome moar plz

  • lack-of-moar-book-plz angst


  • i also just lost the game

  • .... sorry

there you go anyway on to business.


OKAY I THINK I GOT YOUR ATTENTION I APOLOGIZE FOR THE OBNOXIOUS SPARKLE TEXT BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT. I am offering you (YES YOU) the opportunity to be a part of my next ~ART PROJECT~ HOORAY. I need all the onomatopoeias you can think of! Dig out those mangas and comic books and go search the internet for the best ones you can find and please share them with me! Pretty please? ♥
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So. Er. I only got like... 5 hours of sleep last night. Maximum, at least, and I'm sitting here miserable.

My art project looks like crap. You can tell it's rushed, because it's so damn hideous. I can't even look at it anymore; it honestly makes me want to throw up.

This week needs to go by fast or someone is going to get hurt.
For serious.

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What smells, acts, and looks like the cause of why I'm going to be dead before Friday?

my art project!! :D:D:D:D;ddDD )

If I weren't so ferociously proud of it, I would have shredded it into a million pieces by now.
): Too bad it's due Thursday...

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Okay this is me totally not procrastinating on my outside art assignment. I'm really working on it, and browsing gaia, LJ, and other such forums and websites. I just have two sections left on it to shade before I can head off to bed, which I'll get around to doing around 11:15ish. Maybe.


ANYWAY, Starship Titanic. I'm so glad I can play it now. Shi and I must seriously consider taking our idea of remaking it and actually following through. It's so worthy of it, it's not even funny. Of course it wouldn't be for distribution unless we're crazy enough to go out and buy the rights. That would most likely be me if that happens; I can see it now. I come in with a blank look on my face and Shi will be all 'wut', and I'll sit down and say very slowly, 'I just bought the rights to Starship Titanic'.

yeah so, once I finish all my commissions, projects for art and other crap like that, I really want to whip out my awesome character designing skillz and draw all the bots. All of them will wind up on dA, because I am disappointed at the lack of Starship Titanic fanart. Tsktsk, obscure game or not, out all the sci-fi fans there have got to be SOME artists in the lot.

Back to my art project! And my rubix cube! (I will finish it by the end of the week...)



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