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I would love to list you all by name but I can't stop finding people awesome so... ;;
If you'd be so kind, please fill out my shiny, new contact post!

Sorry for the housekeeping spam. Since there are so many people being added to my friends-list, I figured that it was time to add all the regular shmeal like all the other hip, young things. In addition, I've retired my beloved default in favor of Catwoman, since Catwoman's kind of a little more awesome? idk.

In other news, I'm almost finished with the Once and Future King! I read bits of it during our Arthurian Legends unit in 10th grade, and it was really awesome then but now it's super cool. Merlyn is a badass, and I totally ship Lancelot/Arthur/Quenever, and King Pellinore is just so awesome and the book itself is just so funny and--
I only have one more part left. I don't want it to end, even if I do have the Book of Merlyn on my hands. /sob

After I finish my fantasy epics, I've got a few of Jorge Luis Borges's short story collections, along with Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk, and Borderliners by Peter Hoeg. :)♥ Life is good.

I'm supposed to be taking Economics by correspondence, but since Mom and I are cheap, we've been trying to order the book on Amazon rather than buying it directly from Texas Tech. Twice now I've received the wrong book, and when Mom finally called them, I'll be getting it... in 1-3 weeks. So, basically, I'll be cramming Econ in before school starts? Yes. Maybe. idk I just really wanted to start it and get it over with.
Mom also wants me to be working on getting my permit since I'm turning 18 in September and all, but the manual is so boring. Oh well!

peace out bros.
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Well apparently AOL and Dish screwed my dad over on Friday. He's switched to Time Warner for both his cable and his internet, and got a new computer since some AOL spam infested his old one. It's a shiny, silver Inspiron 1501, with Windows Vista. Very sexy. I can't wait until a few years pass, because I love the way Vista looks.

Anyway, last night we rented A Mighty Heart (didn't get around to watching it) and Evan Almighty. After we watched Evan, I ate ice cream and worked a little on my art projects while Dad took inventory of his pantry. Can you believe he has over 10 jars of DIFFERENT KINDS of mustard? He has cranberry mustard, guys. Cranberry.

Anyway today we waited for the Dish and Time Warner guys to come over, and they both left by around 1. We went to West Village to eat lunch, and then we went to borders. I almost got Only Revelations, seriously. I was standing in line, staring at my stack of books, and left it on one of the displays. :/ Someday, someday.
I left Borders with I am Legend by Richard Matheson (one of those end of the world scenarios that I love so much that's apparently being made into a movie staring Will Smith) and a Batman graphic novel by the name of A Long Halloween (I've had my eye on it for a while). There was this boy reading some Spiderman graphic novel while I was looking for one of my own, and he looks at me like I'm this foreign creature who's better off in the manga section. At one point he moved out of my way and I was all, "No, it's okay, you can stay there", he was all, "....... Okay."
It was awkward.

Anyway, Dad's upstairs taking a nap before we leave. I'll be home soon, but then I'm working on the rest of my homework (ie - history and english).

See ya.

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Okay, so I lied about the pictures. ):
Hopefully I'll have them up sometime soon.

Anyway mom's starting to get on my case again like she was at the worst parts of last year. I foresee a steady decline in grades because of it. Dammit, and my lowest average was an 86 first six weeks. That's the best I've done in three years.

We're starting a new project in art that I'm going to love. It's our perspective project that must include a certain number of buildings, windows, and doors + some scenery, and it has to have an object out of scale. This is perfect for me, especially since the scenery can be anything as long as it's not copyrighted. So I'm going to be doing Galbavire, from my in-progress webcomic. Out of scale object is going to be a gigantic tree. It's going to be a reference to the last page in the House of Leaves about Yggdrasil.

By the way, Shi, I've got a quest for you.
I have been trying for days and days to find this one Latin excerpt in the House. The last line translates to something of the effect of, "the one who saw God die."
If you're flipping through it and find the page number, feel free to tell me.

Anyway, I have homework and a vocab quiz to study for.



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