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Life has been so busy lately. AP exam time is coming up so fast, so I've been working my ass off trying to finish and polish my portfolio to uber perfection, and it's just taking up all my time and energy and ugh. I get home and literally collapse because I am just so tired. It's incredibly depressing.

Luckily though, I managed to skip school today to go to my first official college visit; [ profile] verusmayaii and I went to SMU all day to tour the campus. Of course, it managed to be pouring for the first half, so we didn't get to tour it all - however, we toured their art building and had an amazing chat with the recruiter there, and I'm pretty much sold on applying? Pretty much? It surprised me to be honest. I suppose I just needed to get away from the general talk about GPA and well-rounded character and that kind of crap and go to the source.
I'm still lusting after SCAD though.
SCAD would be sooo niiiiiiice.

Oh yeah, one last thing before I go back to my wife.

Did I mention I'm going to SENIOR PROM?

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So this week, ever since I went to college night, I've picked one of those thick booklets to bring to school to read over, tab, mark lightly with a pencil, etc. So far, I've really liked MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design) and CCS (College of Creative Studies), and LCAD (Laguna College of Art and Design) is okay.
Although I already foresee that there is only a 10% chance I will go to any of these, as a] scholarship money probably won't cover all the costs, b] my mom wants me close to home (partially because my dad will only pay for an in-state college, but I don't know if I can change his mind - I probably can if I can knock off some of the price), c] I just won't get accepted.
But I really, really want to try for CCS.

Anyway, Miss [ profile] zwip is still asleep (I honestly don't want to wake her up). I didn't get any work done on my costume last night except for cutting out the skirt. Hopefully when we go out and get Ariel's fabric today, we can feel more productive.
Besides, there isn't anything on TV on Saturday (*coughnumberswasonlastnightcough*).

I brought my art project home this weekend to finish sketching it out, and maybe start on it. After Ariel leaves this evening, I'm going to type up what I need to for my English essay and work on it a little, then I'll take a picture.

Oh yeah, after I stopped working last night, I made Ariel watch Lucky Star. Akira for the win!
Seriously, bipolar super idols rock.



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