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HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAIFU [ profile] verusmayaii!
Here's to yet another year of awesome! Love you long time. :3

Real entry when I finish nanowrimo. 3k left hooooomg!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] tobakichan!!
I hope you had an awesome day. :D♥~
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] pikagalmish!!

I like how my past two journal entries have been birthday wishes. Gosh darnit, you crazy kids, why are all of your birthdays so close together?

Also, I would like to wish everyone on my flist who is doing NaNoWriMo good luck! :D♥ Even if it's a day late.

EDIT: btw guys, my nanowrimo page is here if you'd like to friend me. ♥

EDIT^2: btw again, I found a nifty little tool for firefox a while back. The NaNoWriMo Meter can predict how many words you'll have written by the end of the month based on your pace of writing. It's already gotten me back to writing like, five times, since it turns red if you haven't updated it in a while. It's also a handy way to keep your word count somewhere, especially since NaNo's official one isn't working. |:
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Today was more :) than :| compared to yesterday's ):. I really wanted to sleep in, because I was just so tired, but I ended up falling asleep around two o'clock. Whoops, I should really get out of the habit of forcing myself awake to write stuff down. Even though I come up with the best stuff before I fall asleep...

My lovely alarm clock of a dog decided to wake me up at 7:20 (no lie, she loves waking me up at exact times). I then locked me and her in my room and played around on photoshop for most of the morning, leading to an increased addiction in this fucking amazing song and music video. People started to call around 9 to offer help if we needed it, et cetera. I spent the rest of the morning doodling and cleaning up here and there; we're probably going to have my mom's church friends bringing us food and stuff, since they love to do that. Oh well; this means good eats for me instead of the usual microwave food.

I got my halloween costume fabric this afternoon! I'm going to be Iroha from Beatmania, although it'll be considerably less detailed due to my procrastination. Hahaha whoops. I just wanted a costume I could wear headphones with to showcase them, because seriously. They are amazing. I also received MYth in the mail today (talk about weird; a mixture of good stuff and shitty stuff has managed to cram itself into this week). It really cheered me up. The ending is absolutely adorable homfg. ♥

Tomorrow is art day. I think I'm being forced to church still, so that makes time a real issue. I just really don't want to work on my project this weekend, with all this happening. I'm going to have mom write me a note in case I don't finish, but ugh. I am not in the mood.

Several people have asked me via facebook if I'm going to stay home from school on Monday. I can understand why, but since we're having a memorial service and not a funeral, there's really no other reason to stay home other than the fact that Mom might need me around. I'm a little bit scared of going though, because I've found myself randomly tearing up today and I don't know how long it'll last. I just hate crying around people. They all rush up and ask me what's wrong and tell me it's okay and wtf, it just makes it worse. I'm all for being sympathetic when someone experiences a loss, and offering assistance if it's needed, but I really just want people to treat me normally when I'm upset. |: Otherwise it's just awkwardly painful to sit through.
I may talk to my mom about potentially doing a half day if need be. She's going to be home for most of the week making calls and preparations and things, so it won't be that inconvenient.

le sigh. |:

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hopefully you got lots of candies and felt loved ♥
... and if you didn't ilu so it's okay ♥♥

Anyway, I hate to not post anything worth while, but I've got National Junior Classical League on Saturday, and I need to start and finish my art piece by tomorrow night. At least I get to draw Nemesis...

I'll bring pictures when I get back. :3

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Still at my Dad's! I will be coming home tomorrow evening, after we go see a movie. Not sure what though; I still want to see the Great Debaters, since apparently it's a fantastic movie.

Anyway, christmas haul, part II )

Oh, and apparently while my dad was in Houston, he either watched Spirited Away or Howl's Moving Castle! Glad he did, since both are fantastic movies. They have a Miyazaki box set at Borders that I'm going to consider buying if I can't find any manga/books that I need. Any suggestions before I leave in two hours? x:

EDIT: Also, meme stolen from [ profile] zanisha and [ profile] supahrsekrit
Leave a comment, and I'll reply and tell you what I think of you. No lies, all genuine articles.

Please, don't comment if you can't handle the truth. And if you feel you dislike me enough to de-friend me after I've said my piece, that's ok, too, because I think that means it probably wouldn't have worked out with us as friends anyway.

If I feel I don't know you well enough, I will say so.

Also, I noticed that I haven't commented on my LJ yet that ROCK BAND IS TOTALLY AMAZING OH MY GOD AND I'M TOTALLY SAVING UP FOR AN XBOX 360 BECAUSE OF IT.
): Sorry for the caps.
Also sorry PS2 and Kingdom Hearts. I love you, but my withdrawals are becoming ferocious.

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Merry Christmas!!
and if you don't celebrate Christmas, then Happy Holidays! ♥

EDIT: my Christmas haul from my mother )
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Your fellow awesome twin shall be sending you good vibes all day! ♥ Enjoy it!
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Kinda missed out on yesterday, sorry about that. Hope you guys had fun, whatever you did. :)

Yesterday we went to III Forks with my grandmother. It was nice and all, but it made me miss having Thanksgiving at home. I miss having the entire family over and saying grace and stuff like that. :/ Oh well. Spent the rest of the day working on stuff, writing, and tripping over things to download the Aria OVA, which I watched this morning.

Today is moving so slowly. This morning was spent reworking a fst for one of my roleplays, which is now a masterpiece I've been looping all day, lurking around OCR and AnimeRemix (Shi, I found a wonderful WHR remix by Dale North I need to send you), and rereading Paper 11.

Apparently Paper 11 is now being sold as an actual graphic novel, and I honestly want to get it. It comes with a reading guide, as well as some other things that I forget now. The style is just so pretty. I read the artists tutorial on how he does it, and I'm going to use it for Anna's commission. I hope it turns out okay.

This afternoon I worked on presents, and sketched out Anna's commission. This evening while mom is watching TV, I'm going to scan it in and hopefully finish it before Numb3rs comes on.

Tomorrow is Baki's birthday party, after which I'm coming home to work on a second commission and maybe that thing for the JHS drill team. If I didn't need money so badly, I'd totally blow that second half of, but... D:

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welcome to the ranks of 16-year-old-dom! hope you enjoy it!
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one more year until you can drive AND get a job practically anywhere!
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Hope it's incredibly super special awesome as every sweet 16 is!

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Okay, so I lied about the pictures. ):
Hopefully I'll have them up sometime soon.

Anyway mom's starting to get on my case again like she was at the worst parts of last year. I foresee a steady decline in grades because of it. Dammit, and my lowest average was an 86 first six weeks. That's the best I've done in three years.

We're starting a new project in art that I'm going to love. It's our perspective project that must include a certain number of buildings, windows, and doors + some scenery, and it has to have an object out of scale. This is perfect for me, especially since the scenery can be anything as long as it's not copyrighted. So I'm going to be doing Galbavire, from my in-progress webcomic. Out of scale object is going to be a gigantic tree. It's going to be a reference to the last page in the House of Leaves about Yggdrasil.

By the way, Shi, I've got a quest for you.
I have been trying for days and days to find this one Latin excerpt in the House. The last line translates to something of the effect of, "the one who saw God die."
If you're flipping through it and find the page number, feel free to tell me.

Anyway, I have homework and a vocab quiz to study for.

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I'm still in the process of uploading my birthday pictures and stuff. If I don't get to it later this week, most likely they will be up by next weekend! To everyone who came, thank you so much. You made my sweet sixteen absolutely fabulous!

Have I ever mentioned I love the world 'fabulous'? I don't get to say it that often. XD

Anyway, A Tale of Two Cities test is tomorrow, and if my lists-that-totally-killed-dozens-of-trees do not help me one bit, I will be very mad at the English Department. I still think Great Expectations was a better book, because it was so easy to twist and have fun with.
Seriously, Herbert and Pip? Totally canon.
The only thing about AToTC that I find remotely funny is the fact that Darnay is a Gary Stu. And that Charles Dickens probably did not write his novels to be analyzed to death like we do in honors English. It's absolutely ridiculous. Can't writers write to just... you know... write?

Anyway, I'm leaving early for a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I have a Latin field trip on Friday, which is going to rock. If I remember correctly, DMoA allows cameras as long as there's no flash. Does anyone know for sure? XD I don't want to carry in a camera looking like an idiot.

Also House tonight was awesome.



oh boy

Sep. 26th, 2007 06:43 am
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If you see me online this afternoon and I am talking to you, immediately tell me to bug off. I have A Tale of Two Cities lists due tomorrow, and I only have 3/8 completed. Granted Gaby is doing two and we're switching and copying, still, that leaves me with half of them uncompleted. D:

Sigh. So much for chilling this week right?

Oh jah. Real birthday tomorrow. Just a little reminder...

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may it be filled with lots of roleplaying! ... and stuff! :D
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don't get sick on chocolate plz



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