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Just a quickie - I feel like announcing this, since I think it's really exciting.

Say hello to my future turntables. They aren't Technics, but Numark is pretty good for starting off. Besides, all that's pictured there comes with it - two turntables, a mixer, the headphones, slipmats, cartridges, and the cables.

Aaah I can't wait until after Afest. It will be miiiine. ♥

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I just caught up with my project 365 blog. I haven't told my mom about the blog part, but she's definitely noticed the picture taking aspect of it. So I've been bugging her for a new camera since I started doing it last Monday (well, I started bugging her again; I've been asking for a new camera since the lens on this one started wigging out). Right now, I'm aiming to bug her into getting a Canon Powershot SD1000, and she saw some in the paper and was asking me about them yesterday.
Oh the hope. ):

Anyway, quite the busy weekend. Pretty much the majority of Saturday was spent writing music in Fruity Loops. I got a really nice new VST called Nexus, along with some of the expansions, and I'm trying to move more towards happy hardcore sounding melodies. It is hard. I can get the leads pretty much perfect, but it's the problem of getting that full, 'holy crap seizure'-like sound.
I've got all week. I can do this.

Anyway, time to finish up my homework. lol Only thirty minutes until I leave.

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my apologies if this stretches your page. ♥

o1. an extension of a fervent heartbeat
o2. the hope in their eyes * NEW

djhipnotika (aka [ profile] n4o) presents her first 100% original album, 'life support'. all songs were made with the spirit of happy hardcore and trance.

♥ entry will be updated as songs are released.
please enjoy.

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So I haven't updated in years, and I apologize for that. I really shouldn't even been typing this in the first place, since I have to leave for school in about five minutes, but what the heck.

NOTE: Welcome [ profile] rezzu! I don't have a spiffy intropost, so... uh... look forward to reading one down the road? idk. I do this a lot by the way, writing short entries that have nothing to do with my life whatsoever.
;;; sorry if I spam your flist. It's great having you here though!

SO. I learned how to use FruityLoops right now. I'm still searching for the Basshunter synthy sound, and I have yet to find it! Someone needs to remake that tutorial he has on youtube in english, and in higher quality. Once I get finished with my song though, I'll upload it for download.
I also need to get working on that album cover. So far I have two singles planned. Grey Days is more ambient, and Life Support is my happy hardcore wannabe music. ♥ hehehe!

Uh so. Wow. I typed this in less than five minutes. Dexterity level up!

... now I have to go. Will edit later with irl stuff.

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Hey all you music brains, help me out.

I'm writing this song, and I'm absolutely stuck in the middle part. You'll notice there's no harmony. Well... that's the problem. I can't figure out what notes would work best.

;; Help plz?

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School related question about A Man For All Seasons )

EDIT: Oh, since I can't do any homework, I might as well give a real update.

[ profile] lebenfried_bar opened yesterday (created by the dear [ profile] pikagalmish and modded by her, myself, and [ profile] supahrsekrit). Day one and the bar is already on fire.
I honestly thought I wasn't going to like LJRP as much but ♥. Roleplaying as my own characters is a plus too; for serious, if some LJRPs are mildy interesting, they should at least accept original characters for the sake of people like me who feel guilty roleplaying as fandom characters. ): I seriously wouldn't do anyone justice except if they were from my own mind.

I got around to downloading getting the Friday Night Lights soundtrack, which mainly features songs by Explosions in the Sky. I had played around with getting it in the past because of the string version of Your Hand in Mine, and not only is that beautiful (and so much more sad sounding), but the rest of the songs are awesome.
In the words of Shi, A++ with my personal stamp of approval. Go find it and enjoy now, if only for the Explosions in the Sky songs.

First full week of school tomorrow. Not looking forward to it at. all.

Also the fog this morning creeped me out. I couldn't even see to the end of the street (as in less than a mile visiblity). It was like the world was being cut off and only what was in the little bubble close by still existed. And it reminded me of the Mist (creatures suddenly coming out of the fog = not cool man).

Yeah that's it. I'm at church right now. Afterwards I'm going to see my grandmother and then mom needs to go to Walmart to pick up some meds, so hopefully I'll be home before 5.

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Okay, I'm looking at my music library, and the last few days I've only been able to listen to Boten Anna by Basshunter and Something to Believe in by Aqualung, which are two very good songs, but the fact is...


Yes, that is possible for a girl who has over 4000 songs in her music library. So I'm taking recommendations (as in upload a song for me on sendspace or something so I can have a sample XD), preferably close to the style of Stars or Aqualung or Explosions in the Sky, but not those artists since I already have their complete discographies. ♥ Hehehe.
Well, with the exception of the remix album from Stars. *looks at [ profile] verusmayaii*

Of course, if I could wait until Moby's new CD comes out, I'd be okay. But that's like... two months away, so I can't.

So please feel free to share. If I'm not working on my reviews tonight (pretty good chance there), I'll find something for you too. :D Music exchanges are always fun.

Anyway, back to my semester exam project for art. If you'll excuse me...

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According to Moby's news section on his website, his new album is coming out in March of 08!

So excited eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3333

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This morning, I come bearing gifts! :3 In case you are interested, the beautiful Lineage II OST has been uploaded, as well as the rockin' Trance Party Vol. 6. I have also uploaded a new picture on dA, in which I have been experimenting with screentones. wewt wewt. Also, once I get all my textures and crap on to my new computer, you can expect a Garo/A@D themed icon dump at nasplasha soonish.

I am also starting the planning stages (again, but this is going to be offical) of my webcomic, which I hope to have online sometime this summer. I'm not quite sure Mom would be comfortable with me buying a domain so I might have to stick with freewebs for a while, or go with smackjeeves. I'd really like my own website design instead of the template smackjeeves requires, so I'll deal with freewebs for a while.

Anyway, if one has looked at the drawing I posted on dA, I'd really appreciate help naming her and maybe with some costume design. I'm still trying to decide what time period to put her in, so feel free to supply anything. D: Although I have decided it's going to have a magic show-ish feel, since I've decided on the tagline, "Are you watching closely?" Haha I love you, Prestige.



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