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The past few weekends have been incredibly nice. I guess it's good for me to go out and do things, despite it kind of getting in the way of NaNoWriMo, but whatever. Birthday parties are always fun, and times with the waifu are a++.

misc angst about my grandmother )

By the way, if anyone on my flist is interested, [ profile] tobakichan and I may do another [ profile] stock_week, and we'd love more people to participate this time. :3 It'll probably be over a holiday sometime, so it won't interfere that much with school or anything (since that's a major concern for both of us).
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renaissance trip, part ii )

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My latin class took a field trip to the renaissance festival today, and I took a lot of pictures, but I thought I'd share the one I chose to put up on my project 365 blog. There was a girl there that was dressed up like a fairy, and she was one of the prettiest things I have ever seen.

She played the part really well. She didn't talk and only used signs to communicate, and she played that flute thing really really well (although it was really quiet). When this guy kept purposely bumping into her, she'd get this characterized mad look on her face and put up her fists like she was ready to fight, and when they announced they were going to set off the canons to mark the hour, she'd squeeze her eyes shut and plug her ears. Oh, and if anyone stopped to listen to her play, she'd give out these little marble stones ('fairy tears') as a thank you.
): I wanted to hug her but we had to leave.

Anyway, I have homework to do. Be back as soon as I can with the other pictures.

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So summer is ending soon, isn't it?

I'm thinking of disappearing off the net 70% of the coming week[s] until I finish my Driver's Ed. reading and summer reading. I'm going to ask you guys to please bug me about these things if you see me online, because I do need to finish them instead of wasting time.

Anyway, going to the art museum tomorrow with my mom. Hopefully Wednesday will be Ocean's 13 with Shi. I need to ask mom about it in the morning and stuff.

I need a slap in the face or something, because I feel like I can't wake up.

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So Gaby invited me to the mall, since Ki-chan and her friend and Ariel were going to be there. It was really fun, but I'm tired from keeping up with Ki. And even though I swore I would not spend any money this time, I found something lovely at hot topic )

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Mall today! With Britt and Grace and other people maybe. It may be just us; I didn't ask. But I got my catsitting money yesterday so naturally I'm considering buying Pokemon Pearl or Phoenix Wright: Justice for All at Gamestop. But then again, if I saved my money then I could probably get one of the Aria PVCs one of these days. I dunno; I may sacrifice it for the sake of entertainment.

Grace lent me Hotel Dusk. I played it off and on yesterday, and the first chapter is so long. @_@ Much longer than Trace Memory, although I really like it thus far. I joined the LJ community, and someone ripped some of the art from the trailers. <3 Maybe someone's ripped the art for Trace Memory by now. I'm tempted to replay that again too...

Anyway, Grace is coming over sometime, so after she gets here we'll go over and hang out with the cats for a while. Wewt.



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