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So I totally did not just get a Tegaki E account.
I-it looked cute and fun. :)

Quick summary of my life for the past few days: zzzzzzz, then some ugggggggggggh, then some do not waaaaaaaaant, then some stresssss; also could be interpreted as a lot of repeating letters, general stress, and miscellaneous agony. |:
Not to mention I haven't gotten to play lineage in like, 2 days. I am dying.

Also, RE: Project Runway.
As much as I agree with the judges on Jerell, wtf is Kenley doing on that runway fffffff not amused.

In the mean time, my dragons hatched, have looked like reptiles, and have now sprouted wings. ♥♥ I still don't know want to name them. I'm trying to think up a theme, and so far all I've come up with is town and npc names from Lineage 2.
... What?
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Flaunt it indeed.

finally, i'm ready for animefest )

I must say, Project Runway has started getting better. The past two episodes have been awesome (drag queens, and then dresses made out of spare car parts a++). I still don't have a favorite designer yet, but I think it may wind up being Terri.

Baww [ profile] heartsalign isn't in my lunch anymore. It's completely retarded that only her art class switched to A lunch. I'm hoping that they'll change the lunches again today and she'll be switched back, because it's A lunch that needs less people, not B. Please, Senior High gods, have mercy on us!
Also, worth mentioning - I love eating outside. I used to not even like going outside because of the bugs and crap, but there are seriously no flies swarming around our table and it is so nice sitting by the pond. I think all this vitamin D is really helping, because I feel tons healthier after just three days. Or I must be crazy. Either way, it's extremely nice and relaxing and holy shit there are freaking huge carp in that pond (don't ask for now - I'll get a picture later).

Have a mentioned because attending this convention with a different name is fun? I'm going as Naomi Belmont, so I've been practicing a new signature for signing all my prints, and it's incredibly fun. Woo dual identity!



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