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So I really was considering getting some studying done yesterday, but I kinda got caught up with downloading Honey and Clover (which I still haven't watched) and an icon post on the Ikuta Toma community lead me to another jdrama called Kurosagi (which is completely amazing even if Kurosaki is an ass), and I ended up watching four eps of it on Veoh.
Biggest loser in the world? Yes!

After that was done with, it was around 3, so I switch to the TV and watch a 3 hour long documentary on the end of the world and the Antichrist (which was extremely interesting, for the record), and after that was the Titanic. And yes, I watched every single minute of that movie, because I'm 16 and never got to see the end. Just for the record, I got nothing done while sitting there; no drawings, no writing, no studying.

I hate. wasting. days. I feel awful. I have chapters that I needed to proof/finish typing up, things I wanted to draw, and downloads to catch up on. arrrg.

Anyway, church and the whole nine yards today. Fantastic. Sorry for the rant. ):

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I've never really cared about grades before, but when I realized I had forgotten my homework folder at home, my hands continued to shake all through first period when my mom wouldn't pick up the phone. And when I called her in IPC and she said she couldn't bring it up (even though I saw that coming the second I didn't see the folder in my messenger bag), I still thought I was going to start crying.

I hate PISD so much. Grades shouldn't be as important as they make them out to be - especially if smart, talented kids are forced to tears because they get a bad grade on something. A girl who sits at my art table was crying last week over her World History AP test grade, and oh my god I wanted to stand up and slap the teacher who gave it to her. And another girl in my art class only gets an average of four hours sleep per night because of her homework (and she's not asian or indian either, not like white kids can't be GPA obsessed too).

I want to be prepared for the world after college. So what if we're just average grade students? At least we'll be prepared for what really matters and have the skills to lead a successful and happier life, and come out of school with, oh, I don't know, a personality.

So fuck you PISD. Give us our god damn lives back.



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