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Life has been so busy lately. AP exam time is coming up so fast, so I've been working my ass off trying to finish and polish my portfolio to uber perfection, and it's just taking up all my time and energy and ugh. I get home and literally collapse because I am just so tired. It's incredibly depressing.

Luckily though, I managed to skip school today to go to my first official college visit; [ profile] verusmayaii and I went to SMU all day to tour the campus. Of course, it managed to be pouring for the first half, so we didn't get to tour it all - however, we toured their art building and had an amazing chat with the recruiter there, and I'm pretty much sold on applying? Pretty much? It surprised me to be honest. I suppose I just needed to get away from the general talk about GPA and well-rounded character and that kind of crap and go to the source.
I'm still lusting after SCAD though.
SCAD would be sooo niiiiiiice.

Oh yeah, one last thing before I go back to my wife.

Did I mention I'm going to SENIOR PROM?

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so um my last update was a month+ ago? oh whoops. ):

art is causing me way more difficulties than it did last semester; my long term art substitute is now our permanent teacher since mrs. verven resigned to stay home with her baby. miss segei is fresh out of college, and bases her entire teaching philosophy off of the art department head's rules without applying them well. predominantly, her major flaw is she grades our artwork off of quantity over quality... )
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Okay so my life the past two weeks can pretty much be summarized in the following list:


  • art

  • art-related stress

  • VASE

  • VASE-related stress

  • sleep and lack thereof

  • holy crap this book is awesome moar plz

  • lack-of-moar-book-plz angst


  • i also just lost the game

  • .... sorry

there you go anyway on to business.


OKAY I THINK I GOT YOUR ATTENTION I APOLOGIZE FOR THE OBNOXIOUS SPARKLE TEXT BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT. I am offering you (YES YOU) the opportunity to be a part of my next ~ART PROJECT~ HOORAY. I need all the onomatopoeias you can think of! Dig out those mangas and comic books and go search the internet for the best ones you can find and please share them with me! Pretty please? ♥
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School was a pretty 'meh' ordeal this week. It was really depressing, because I came home every day feeling that I had already been attending for months and it's only the second week. Not a good feeling. |:

art continues to suprise me, though )

I received my first birthday present in the mail yesterday! James, one of my friends I met at Junior Classical League, sent my tarot cards, so I ditched working on my art projects to play around with them. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous; the booklet that came with them said the artist spent a decade on the deck, and oh god I believe it. Every card has a unique, hand-drawn and colored picture, and ahsdf;klajhdsf wow. So much respect. I really want to draw my own deck now.
It is also scary and really awesome how the readings turned out. I may be a believer yet!

While I was thinking of things to look forward to (to help me get through the school week), I remembered that I had signed up for NaNoWriMo last year and never actually entered. This year, I an determined to do it and actually get to 50,000 words. I even have deadlines written out in my planner and everything; I have to write 1,250 words (at least) on weekdays, and 5,000 every weekend come November, and I'm spending the next couple of months planning every little detail. :) It's a really nice distraction, and I hope that I manage to get it done.

Probably should get finished with my art projects, though. Orz.

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Flaunt it indeed.

finally, i'm ready for animefest )

I must say, Project Runway has started getting better. The past two episodes have been awesome (drag queens, and then dresses made out of spare car parts a++). I still don't have a favorite designer yet, but I think it may wind up being Terri.

Baww [ profile] heartsalign isn't in my lunch anymore. It's completely retarded that only her art class switched to A lunch. I'm hoping that they'll change the lunches again today and she'll be switched back, because it's A lunch that needs less people, not B. Please, Senior High gods, have mercy on us!
Also, worth mentioning - I love eating outside. I used to not even like going outside because of the bugs and crap, but there are seriously no flies swarming around our table and it is so nice sitting by the pond. I think all this vitamin D is really helping, because I feel tons healthier after just three days. Or I must be crazy. Either way, it's extremely nice and relaxing and holy shit there are freaking huge carp in that pond (don't ask for now - I'll get a picture later).

Have a mentioned because attending this convention with a different name is fun? I'm going as Naomi Belmont, so I've been practicing a new signature for signing all my prints, and it's incredibly fun. Woo dual identity!

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My experience at JCL will be posted once I finish making the video. :) I'm doing it as a project in Latin, so I might as well do that instead of posting a super long entry that I don't have time to write. XD

Anyway, I kind of lost my voice over the weekend. It was completely gone yesterday, so that and my amount of homework I couldn't bring with me kinda made me go, "Fuck this" at school yesterday and I skipped school. I actually got a lot done, although I'm not quite finished with my history notes or my math homework. But! I did finish my art project that I was seriously behind on, and I'm really satisfied with the results.

Due to my make-up homework, I doubt I'll be posting for the rest of the week unless I want to procrastinate (hahaha). Oh I fear for my stress level. Jesus, I'm going to die so early. ):

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So I haven't posted in a week. Sorry about that, honestly. I've been working my ass off getting my homework done so I can go to sleep a little early, and mom always keeps me up, so that hasn't really been working. I've been so exhausted the past few days, I've been falling asleep in class (and that never happens - i've been making sure of that the past few years), and I can't sleep in that early on Saturday since I'm spending the weekend with my dad.

At least I am spending the weekend with my dad. I haven't seen him since Christmas, since he's been traveling. D:♥ I've missed him. I called him tonight (finally) to tell him my VASE results, and he was really proud of me. I hope he can come to my open house so I can show him my portfolio.

BTW VASE RESULTS. I'm sure pretty much all of you have already heard, but I got a 4 out of 4 (the highest score) and a 54 out of 60 points on my interview. ♥ So I got a nice metal that I wore around on Monday.

So not bad for the past few weeks. Second place and a high rank. :3 And I'm advancing in one of the events!

Now if I can keep up with my school artwork... oi.

Anyway, be seeing you if I'm conscious after school tomorrow.

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Just a quickie before I get back to work.

It is so weird that for once in my life, I cannot write a TAKS essay. The prompt is:

Write a well developed essay on how people are responsible for their own happy endings.

It's a good prompt. I love writing about this stuff; it asks more about personal belief more than sappy experiences that belong in romantic novels/movies. But I sit down and write two paragraphs, and I just cannot put any more on the paper. It's like my mind has stopped completely and will not let me think up anything more interesting.

So I just got finished with the third paragraph, and man, it's like I'm spewing absolute crap all over the place. D: This shouldn't worry me. It's just a TAKS essay, god, but... I don't want over half of it to be bad. ;;

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School related question about A Man For All Seasons )

EDIT: Oh, since I can't do any homework, I might as well give a real update.

[ profile] lebenfried_bar opened yesterday (created by the dear [ profile] pikagalmish and modded by her, myself, and [ profile] supahrsekrit). Day one and the bar is already on fire.
I honestly thought I wasn't going to like LJRP as much but ♥. Roleplaying as my own characters is a plus too; for serious, if some LJRPs are mildy interesting, they should at least accept original characters for the sake of people like me who feel guilty roleplaying as fandom characters. ): I seriously wouldn't do anyone justice except if they were from my own mind.

I got around to downloading getting the Friday Night Lights soundtrack, which mainly features songs by Explosions in the Sky. I had played around with getting it in the past because of the string version of Your Hand in Mine, and not only is that beautiful (and so much more sad sounding), but the rest of the songs are awesome.
In the words of Shi, A++ with my personal stamp of approval. Go find it and enjoy now, if only for the Explosions in the Sky songs.

First full week of school tomorrow. Not looking forward to it at. all.

Also the fog this morning creeped me out. I couldn't even see to the end of the street (as in less than a mile visiblity). It was like the world was being cut off and only what was in the little bubble close by still existed. And it reminded me of the Mist (creatures suddenly coming out of the fog = not cool man).

Yeah that's it. I'm at church right now. Afterwards I'm going to see my grandmother and then mom needs to go to Walmart to pick up some meds, so hopefully I'll be home before 5.

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Okay, Sinfest describes how I feel right now, with the exception of the last two panels. urrrrrgablurgarrrrrrrrrrg.

School today, and not looking forward to it. I know we have a quiz on radicals in Geometry in a couple of days, and god I fail so hard at it. [ profile] supahrsekrit, I may come crawling to you for help, because I really don't want to ruin my nice, clean 85, and possibly raise it?
There's gonna be exam reviews this entire week with the exception of that quiz, so I hope there's minimal homework(?).
....Don't laugh plz. ):

This day had better go fast, or I better wake up soon, or a combination of the two, so I can come home and hopefully play some Ragnarok.

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So. Er. I only got like... 5 hours of sleep last night. Maximum, at least, and I'm sitting here miserable.

My art project looks like crap. You can tell it's rushed, because it's so damn hideous. I can't even look at it anymore; it honestly makes me want to throw up.

This week needs to go by fast or someone is going to get hurt.
For serious.

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Here to pimp my userpic. ♥ The Dark Knight (batman begins sequel) posters were released today, apparently, and the new trailer is being shown at I Am Legend (another reason to go see it). Thanks to Hawk of Applegeeks, I'm now freaking out.
This movie is going to be amazing. I seriously just told my mom that I am going to the midnight showing, and I don't care if she doesn't come with me. Too bad it isn't coming out until... July...

Anyway, speaking of movies, I Am Legend got a C. Apparently it's boring? That's too bad; I guess it's because the action really picks up 3/4 of the way through the novel. But I'm sure it's going to be like I, Robot, and I'm going to drool like a maniac when critics say it's not all that great.

I'm going to see Romeo and Juliet with Miss [ profile] supahrsekrit this evening. Anna is Prince Escalus, so naturally, we had to go or else we'd be dead. I like my life kinda, so I'm glad I found someone to go with. I heard that everything that could go wrong did go wrong on opening night, so I'm a little bit nervous. x: Hope it all goes well.

Then I get to come home and work on icon requests, homework, holiday cards, and commissions. Fantastic, right?

Hey look, it's a real entry!

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Oh god, I'm this close to just skipping the two days of school next week. I need that time.

): Anyway, too tired to catch up on this week. I came home, put on my PJs, and caught up with Avatar before the new episode aired. Then I watched the two unaired episodes on Veoh. Totally ruined my plans for my dialectal journal (due Tuesday), but that's okay.

Man I'm tired.
I want time to stop so I can just sleep for a while and do some stuff for me. Like write a new Chapter of 100 Days to Leave. D: I barely have any time in class now.

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What smells, acts, and looks like the cause of why I'm going to be dead before Friday?

my art project!! :D:D:D:D;ddDD )

If I weren't so ferociously proud of it, I would have shredded it into a million pieces by now.
): Too bad it's due Thursday...

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This week has been tiring. It also doesn't help that I got yelled at on the bus today for accidentally yelling, "THOSE BASTARDS!!" when I found out they're using DDR in the PE classes at JHS now. I really shouldn't sit in the front of the bus when I sit with Aaron and Asad when I ride the bus home...

Anyway, I'm spending the weekend at my Dad's house, and then rushing to finish my load of homework when I get back. At least I'll be having a life!

And since Dad and I go to at least one bookstore while I'm over there, I need book recommendations. Preferably lengthy, witty, very odd, or combination of the three. I need another book to love like I do the House of Leaves.
HINT: everyone on my flist needs to read that, if you haven't already. the real story is in the essay itself, not Johnny's stupid footnotes. XD

See you soon.

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So my art teacher announced that she received enough funding for our entire Pre-AP 2 class to go to VASE in February.

Dear god, I'm excited but so insanely scared at the same time.

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Okay, so I lied about the pictures. ):
Hopefully I'll have them up sometime soon.

Anyway mom's starting to get on my case again like she was at the worst parts of last year. I foresee a steady decline in grades because of it. Dammit, and my lowest average was an 86 first six weeks. That's the best I've done in three years.

We're starting a new project in art that I'm going to love. It's our perspective project that must include a certain number of buildings, windows, and doors + some scenery, and it has to have an object out of scale. This is perfect for me, especially since the scenery can be anything as long as it's not copyrighted. So I'm going to be doing Galbavire, from my in-progress webcomic. Out of scale object is going to be a gigantic tree. It's going to be a reference to the last page in the House of Leaves about Yggdrasil.

By the way, Shi, I've got a quest for you.
I have been trying for days and days to find this one Latin excerpt in the House. The last line translates to something of the effect of, "the one who saw God die."
If you're flipping through it and find the page number, feel free to tell me.

Anyway, I have homework and a vocab quiz to study for.

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I've never really cared about grades before, but when I realized I had forgotten my homework folder at home, my hands continued to shake all through first period when my mom wouldn't pick up the phone. And when I called her in IPC and she said she couldn't bring it up (even though I saw that coming the second I didn't see the folder in my messenger bag), I still thought I was going to start crying.

I hate PISD so much. Grades shouldn't be as important as they make them out to be - especially if smart, talented kids are forced to tears because they get a bad grade on something. A girl who sits at my art table was crying last week over her World History AP test grade, and oh my god I wanted to stand up and slap the teacher who gave it to her. And another girl in my art class only gets an average of four hours sleep per night because of her homework (and she's not asian or indian either, not like white kids can't be GPA obsessed too).

I want to be prepared for the world after college. So what if we're just average grade students? At least we'll be prepared for what really matters and have the skills to lead a successful and happier life, and come out of school with, oh, I don't know, a personality.

So fuck you PISD. Give us our god damn lives back.

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I'm still in the process of uploading my birthday pictures and stuff. If I don't get to it later this week, most likely they will be up by next weekend! To everyone who came, thank you so much. You made my sweet sixteen absolutely fabulous!

Have I ever mentioned I love the world 'fabulous'? I don't get to say it that often. XD

Anyway, A Tale of Two Cities test is tomorrow, and if my lists-that-totally-killed-dozens-of-trees do not help me one bit, I will be very mad at the English Department. I still think Great Expectations was a better book, because it was so easy to twist and have fun with.
Seriously, Herbert and Pip? Totally canon.
The only thing about AToTC that I find remotely funny is the fact that Darnay is a Gary Stu. And that Charles Dickens probably did not write his novels to be analyzed to death like we do in honors English. It's absolutely ridiculous. Can't writers write to just... you know... write?

Anyway, I'm leaving early for a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I have a Latin field trip on Friday, which is going to rock. If I remember correctly, DMoA allows cameras as long as there's no flash. Does anyone know for sure? XD I don't want to carry in a camera looking like an idiot.

Also House tonight was awesome.



oh boy

Sep. 26th, 2007 06:43 am
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If you see me online this afternoon and I am talking to you, immediately tell me to bug off. I have A Tale of Two Cities lists due tomorrow, and I only have 3/8 completed. Granted Gaby is doing two and we're switching and copying, still, that leaves me with half of them uncompleted. D:

Sigh. So much for chilling this week right?

Oh jah. Real birthday tomorrow. Just a little reminder...



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