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Welcome to the party [ profile] candeefloss, [ profile] amerikun, [ profile] cowards, and [ profile] mirus_machina! Feel free to add me on MSN (marthyobsessed [at] and twitter. :)

EDIT: an additional welcome to [ profile] winged_requiem, [ profile] poisonwavehana, and [ profile] worldatomic! gabysu's friending meme is more like a love stew or something... idek. might as well pimp it out.

summer friending meme

new friends aside, this is the news i got after waking up from a nap )

I've been watching Whose Line clips to cheer myself up, but it's just so... gross. FABULOUS THING TO WAKE UP TO. /wrist

Creepy, lecherous, old dudes aside, I've been rearranging my room. :) My computer desk is now in a corner by all my posters (not all of them; still trying to figure out how to arrange them) and other things, and I love it.

my lava lamp, guys!!

Okay i'm going to go... now... and finish the Once and Future King (which is so fabulous guys).
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k not really it was just called surgery because it was invasive. sorry.
I had this funky mole on my ankle, and since my dad (who, i will note, is not blood related to me since I'm adopted) has skin cancer, Mom marched me to the doctor and we had it removed RIGHT THERE and WHAT THE HELL. I was expecting my dermatologist to be like, "k lol since you're young and you have no real history it's cool will just watch it" but no, i was numbed and it was removed.
It was... weird. BUT I'LL HAVE A SCAR. On all those surveys on facebook that ask if you have a scar, I can be all, "why yes, i do, meme no one really ever reads, aren't i cool and mysterious and not boring oh ho". It's exciting

It's kind of late in the game, but [ profile] 7dayslimit is starting up again! It's TWEWY based, obviously; it's basically a real life reaper's game, and it was started by the oh so delightfully moe [ profile] heartsalign. Play next week! It's fun and stuff!

I also updated my profile. It's fashioned as an intropost kind of thing; listing everything that I love is so incredibly hard wwwwwtf.

So I watch The Speed Gamer Marathons like some obsessive thing that would sound witty in a metaphor. Their Metal Gear Marathon is finishing up tomorrow and I have to say I am kind of... glad. After MGS4 I never want to see old person ass after such a plentiful helping of it ever again. jesus christ.

I sat down with Mom and watched Merlin tonight, and lol @ lame special effects made tons more awesome by the fact that a show from BBC is airing on NBC. How awesome is that. I think I'm going to sit down tomorrow or something and watch all the episodes that I can find on the internet, even though my brain is going to be screaming at me that their version of Arthurian legend is WRONG. That's okay.

Ummmmm that's it. I think. Summer's been good to me thus far, ACT/SAT aside. And tiredness aside. And the occasional RAEG YOU NEED TO GET YOUR DRIVER'S PERMIT from my mother. Oh well. Hope you guys are doing good too.
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so um my last update was a month+ ago? oh whoops. ):

art is causing me way more difficulties than it did last semester; my long term art substitute is now our permanent teacher since mrs. verven resigned to stay home with her baby. miss segei is fresh out of college, and bases her entire teaching philosophy off of the art department head's rules without applying them well. predominantly, her major flaw is she grades our artwork off of quantity over quality... )
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So I haven't posted in a week. Sorry about that, honestly. I've been working my ass off getting my homework done so I can go to sleep a little early, and mom always keeps me up, so that hasn't really been working. I've been so exhausted the past few days, I've been falling asleep in class (and that never happens - i've been making sure of that the past few years), and I can't sleep in that early on Saturday since I'm spending the weekend with my dad.

At least I am spending the weekend with my dad. I haven't seen him since Christmas, since he's been traveling. D:♥ I've missed him. I called him tonight (finally) to tell him my VASE results, and he was really proud of me. I hope he can come to my open house so I can show him my portfolio.

BTW VASE RESULTS. I'm sure pretty much all of you have already heard, but I got a 4 out of 4 (the highest score) and a 54 out of 60 points on my interview. ♥ So I got a nice metal that I wore around on Monday.

So not bad for the past few weeks. Second place and a high rank. :3 And I'm advancing in one of the events!

Now if I can keep up with my school artwork... oi.

Anyway, be seeing you if I'm conscious after school tomorrow.

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Insert another recommendation for Voices of the Lifestream, and an order to go and download bLiNd's work from it here.

Insert stuff about how much life sucks here.

Insert stuff about how much school sucks here.

Insert concern about VASE here.

Insert babble about my latest art piece here.

Insert some witty, hopeful text to offset the negative tone of this entry here.

Insert hesitation and something to offset the above comment here, since the previous comment is not true.

Insert emoticon of your choice here.

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Just a quickie before I get back to work.

It is so weird that for once in my life, I cannot write a TAKS essay. The prompt is:

Write a well developed essay on how people are responsible for their own happy endings.

It's a good prompt. I love writing about this stuff; it asks more about personal belief more than sappy experiences that belong in romantic novels/movies. But I sit down and write two paragraphs, and I just cannot put any more on the paper. It's like my mind has stopped completely and will not let me think up anything more interesting.

So I just got finished with the third paragraph, and man, it's like I'm spewing absolute crap all over the place. D: This shouldn't worry me. It's just a TAKS essay, god, but... I don't want over half of it to be bad. ;;

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So I really was considering getting some studying done yesterday, but I kinda got caught up with downloading Honey and Clover (which I still haven't watched) and an icon post on the Ikuta Toma community lead me to another jdrama called Kurosagi (which is completely amazing even if Kurosaki is an ass), and I ended up watching four eps of it on Veoh.
Biggest loser in the world? Yes!

After that was done with, it was around 3, so I switch to the TV and watch a 3 hour long documentary on the end of the world and the Antichrist (which was extremely interesting, for the record), and after that was the Titanic. And yes, I watched every single minute of that movie, because I'm 16 and never got to see the end. Just for the record, I got nothing done while sitting there; no drawings, no writing, no studying.

I hate. wasting. days. I feel awful. I have chapters that I needed to proof/finish typing up, things I wanted to draw, and downloads to catch up on. arrrg.

Anyway, church and the whole nine yards today. Fantastic. Sorry for the rant. ):

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Your fellow awesome twin shall be sending you good vibes all day! ♥ Enjoy it!
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Kinda missed out on yesterday, sorry about that. Hope you guys had fun, whatever you did. :)

Yesterday we went to III Forks with my grandmother. It was nice and all, but it made me miss having Thanksgiving at home. I miss having the entire family over and saying grace and stuff like that. :/ Oh well. Spent the rest of the day working on stuff, writing, and tripping over things to download the Aria OVA, which I watched this morning.

Today is moving so slowly. This morning was spent reworking a fst for one of my roleplays, which is now a masterpiece I've been looping all day, lurking around OCR and AnimeRemix (Shi, I found a wonderful WHR remix by Dale North I need to send you), and rereading Paper 11.

Apparently Paper 11 is now being sold as an actual graphic novel, and I honestly want to get it. It comes with a reading guide, as well as some other things that I forget now. The style is just so pretty. I read the artists tutorial on how he does it, and I'm going to use it for Anna's commission. I hope it turns out okay.

This afternoon I worked on presents, and sketched out Anna's commission. This evening while mom is watching TV, I'm going to scan it in and hopefully finish it before Numb3rs comes on.

Tomorrow is Baki's birthday party, after which I'm coming home to work on a second commission and maybe that thing for the JHS drill team. If I didn't need money so badly, I'd totally blow that second half of, but... D:

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So my grandmother was sent to the hospital around 10:30 this morning. It will probably be a few days before she's let out and stuff.

I feel guilty about not being more worried than I am. My grandmother being put in the hospital has become such a natural occurrence that phone calls in the middle of the night from her nursing home no longer annoy me, or when I ask if an ambulance has been called, my mom sighs and says yes like it's perfectly normal.


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So my net finally decides to work on my computer when no one is online. At 2:45 in the morning.

And I cannot go to sleep so naturally I'm not sleeping and browsing the internets, which I'm glad I did because RxJ episode 11 was released. So I'm downloading it at 2:45 in the morning. SCORE.

And I'm being paranoid of mom catching me. At 2:45 in the morning, this is very probable.

I probably won't be going to sleep any time soon. I've had waaaay too much energy lately. So it's 2:45 in the morning. Seriously, it feels freaking good to be up this late for a change.

Oh wait, no, it's 2:46 in the morning. Sorry.


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oh my. I must be incredibly bored because I've spent almost all day playing the Sims 2, because Shi lent me her nightlife CDs. ): Building houses is way too much fun for it's own good, and the Nightlife music is addicting. I need to find the package file for the DJ booth.

Anyway, I've been plowing through series so quickly I'm running out of things to watch. I'm almost finished with what's released of Lucky Star, and I know I'm going to complete Air and Kanon before the end of the week, so I'm considering going after Sola since Gabysu said it was good. Until TV-Nihon's tracker page is up, no Sh15uya. I am such an idiot for deleting it. ):

Also Garo is offically awesome and I'm going to go after it's merchandise like Shi does with KR and Sentai. After watching the two hour special, Beast of the White Night, I can completely agree that the White Knight's armor is awesome and I need a PVC or something of it.
Speaking of PVCs I also need to start saving for the Aria ones.

Damn I need money. I need games, manga, books, and to start on my wishlist I've made off of HLJ.

Otherwise, I would moan and grown about how annoying my mom has started to become, but that's pretty much expected.

Also! Mom is going to a travel agency to see about renting a Galveston beach house thing for a week sometime in July or maybe the last week of this month. I might see Heather while I'm there, along with Mrs. Barbara (CousCous's mommy). And with luck, Gaby might be coming along which would be awesome!
I only hope if this plan goes through, the beach house has wifi. ): I'm bringing my Wii and DS just in case.

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Okay, I seriously need to update this thing more. Last time I did was last monday...

Anyway I'm tired in that emotional worn way again. Right now, I honestly could not be happier with the way things are right now (haha no need to guess why :p) but I need sleep and lots of it. There are three more weeks left of school and they are passing. so. slowly.
Which reminds me, I really need to start making those t-shirts. Eek!

Anna still has yet to get on AIM so I can talk to her about Spiderman 3 plans next weekend. I really want to go see it (but I should really consider watching the second one, shouldn't I), not only because it's going to be awesome but because I need to get out of this house. Mom is seriously getting on my last nerve.
Baki invited me to go see the play at her school, but I'm not sure if Mom's going to let me go with my grandma in the hospital and all. She supposedly is going home tommorrow, but I can't say that will last long.

I have a quiz in algebra tomorrow on the quadratic equation. I sniff a really bad grade coming up. ):

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Just a quick little note before I have to leave.

Moby is so cool.
He's funny and just awesome. In fact, if you add everyone on my flist plus everyone who isn't on my flist that I consider a friend and put them in a mixing bowl and made them into a milkshake, that awesome STILL wouldn't be as awesome as moby is.

You know, I have never had a role model in my life.

SERIOUSLY. Not even my mom or my dad. I thought it was stupid.

But Moby is my role model. Seriously. Someday, I want to be, if only for a second, as awesome as he is.

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Okay, I love you Art but SERIOUSLY.
We're finishing up our paintings and I've stayed Monday and Tuesday after school, plus this afternoon, to work on it. We stopped working on them on Thursday and they're due on Monday, so I'm going to have to take it home over the weekend. Joy.

I am so exhausted. I wake up, go to school, come back home, and collapse on the sofa. This makes two days in a row I've gone away on MSN and never signed off, which is starting to really bug me. I really need the summer to come pronto so I can sleep a good 14 hours instead of my average 6.

TMNT Tomorrow!
... Friday Tomorrow!

I can hear the heavenly chorus...

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You won't be seeing me for a while.

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Okay this is me totally not procrastinating on my outside art assignment. I'm really working on it, and browsing gaia, LJ, and other such forums and websites. I just have two sections left on it to shade before I can head off to bed, which I'll get around to doing around 11:15ish. Maybe.


ANYWAY, Starship Titanic. I'm so glad I can play it now. Shi and I must seriously consider taking our idea of remaking it and actually following through. It's so worthy of it, it's not even funny. Of course it wouldn't be for distribution unless we're crazy enough to go out and buy the rights. That would most likely be me if that happens; I can see it now. I come in with a blank look on my face and Shi will be all 'wut', and I'll sit down and say very slowly, 'I just bought the rights to Starship Titanic'.

yeah so, once I finish all my commissions, projects for art and other crap like that, I really want to whip out my awesome character designing skillz and draw all the bots. All of them will wind up on dA, because I am disappointed at the lack of Starship Titanic fanart. Tsktsk, obscure game or not, out all the sci-fi fans there have got to be SOME artists in the lot.

Back to my art project! And my rubix cube! (I will finish it by the end of the week...)

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Well, I just watched Den-o and hocrap. It's so awesome!! ; 3;

Everyone on this earth should go to TV-Nihon and torrent it, lyk, now, if only to see Ryoutarou's absolute adorableness.

That is all.


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