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Instead of leaving that 'raaawr hate message at the top of my LJ', I suppose I should fill it with something decent.

So I've been playing Brawl... uh... a lot? I don't even think that's the proper word to describe it. I finished Subspace Emissary at 10 hours and the ending is the most amazing thing ever. [ profile] heartsalign slept over friday, and we finished off all the co-op events and had lots of fun at co-op home run contest.
... Unfortunately after we figured out that the records had to be broken alone (wtf we hit 30,000 combined feet!!!) it kinda ruined our fun. >: We did get lots of trophies and stickers though.

Anyway, other than Brawl, I've been doing lots of homework, tightening up and posting my icon post at [ profile] nasplasha, and working on figuring out Reason.
In case you don't know, Reason is a music making studio. You can either make your own music by having a USB electronic keyboard (which I do not have), or import midi files. It picks apart the midi for you, and you can change each layer to a different instrument, which makes remixing really, really easy.
♥ So far, I've made four songs. I'm really satisfied with them. When I get finished with enough to actually make a 'single' of sorts, I'll upload them and post them here. :)

Also, plans for this week. I tentative plans to go to Anna's tomorrow for a Brawl tourney, a fifty cent Tuesday run at the dollar theater for Cloverfield (ZOMFG CLOVERFIELD), and maybe going to shop for clothes later on in the week? I got a really awesome pair of shoes at Payless that conveniently match with nothing in my closet, so I want to get something that looks good with it.

Uuuuh I'm going to church today, and am leaving like... now. If you're on Spring Break this week, then have a good one! And if you're not, I'm sorry don't hurt me please. ♥♥♥♥♥

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I apologize, dear flist, that this entry exists, but this is one of the few times in my life I have deemed worthy to act like a freaking 10-year-old-girl.

Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna go happy dance and squee until I have no voice. ♥

EDIT: Oh! And a quick thank you to [ profile] verusmayaii for linking me to the beauty that is that video. BEST WIFE EVER RIGHT THERE.



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