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School was a pretty 'meh' ordeal this week. It was really depressing, because I came home every day feeling that I had already been attending for months and it's only the second week. Not a good feeling. |:

art continues to suprise me, though )

I received my first birthday present in the mail yesterday! James, one of my friends I met at Junior Classical League, sent my tarot cards, so I ditched working on my art projects to play around with them. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous; the booklet that came with them said the artist spent a decade on the deck, and oh god I believe it. Every card has a unique, hand-drawn and colored picture, and ahsdf;klajhdsf wow. So much respect. I really want to draw my own deck now.
It is also scary and really awesome how the readings turned out. I may be a believer yet!

While I was thinking of things to look forward to (to help me get through the school week), I remembered that I had signed up for NaNoWriMo last year and never actually entered. This year, I an determined to do it and actually get to 50,000 words. I even have deadlines written out in my planner and everything; I have to write 1,250 words (at least) on weekdays, and 5,000 every weekend come November, and I'm spending the next couple of months planning every little detail. :) It's a really nice distraction, and I hope that I manage to get it done.

Probably should get finished with my art projects, though. Orz.

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Oh god, I'm this close to just skipping the two days of school next week. I need that time.

): Anyway, too tired to catch up on this week. I came home, put on my PJs, and caught up with Avatar before the new episode aired. Then I watched the two unaired episodes on Veoh. Totally ruined my plans for my dialectal journal (due Tuesday), but that's okay.

Man I'm tired.
I want time to stop so I can just sleep for a while and do some stuff for me. Like write a new Chapter of 100 Days to Leave. D: I barely have any time in class now.



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