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Today was more :) than :| compared to yesterday's ):. I really wanted to sleep in, because I was just so tired, but I ended up falling asleep around two o'clock. Whoops, I should really get out of the habit of forcing myself awake to write stuff down. Even though I come up with the best stuff before I fall asleep...

My lovely alarm clock of a dog decided to wake me up at 7:20 (no lie, she loves waking me up at exact times). I then locked me and her in my room and played around on photoshop for most of the morning, leading to an increased addiction in this fucking amazing song and music video. People started to call around 9 to offer help if we needed it, et cetera. I spent the rest of the morning doodling and cleaning up here and there; we're probably going to have my mom's church friends bringing us food and stuff, since they love to do that. Oh well; this means good eats for me instead of the usual microwave food.

I got my halloween costume fabric this afternoon! I'm going to be Iroha from Beatmania, although it'll be considerably less detailed due to my procrastination. Hahaha whoops. I just wanted a costume I could wear headphones with to showcase them, because seriously. They are amazing. I also received MYth in the mail today (talk about weird; a mixture of good stuff and shitty stuff has managed to cram itself into this week). It really cheered me up. The ending is absolutely adorable homfg. ♥

Tomorrow is art day. I think I'm being forced to church still, so that makes time a real issue. I just really don't want to work on my project this weekend, with all this happening. I'm going to have mom write me a note in case I don't finish, but ugh. I am not in the mood.

Several people have asked me via facebook if I'm going to stay home from school on Monday. I can understand why, but since we're having a memorial service and not a funeral, there's really no other reason to stay home other than the fact that Mom might need me around. I'm a little bit scared of going though, because I've found myself randomly tearing up today and I don't know how long it'll last. I just hate crying around people. They all rush up and ask me what's wrong and tell me it's okay and wtf, it just makes it worse. I'm all for being sympathetic when someone experiences a loss, and offering assistance if it's needed, but I really just want people to treat me normally when I'm upset. |: Otherwise it's just awkwardly painful to sit through.
I may talk to my mom about potentially doing a half day if need be. She's going to be home for most of the week making calls and preparations and things, so it won't be that inconvenient.

le sigh. |:



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