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Thank you to anyone who commented on this entry. Once my birthday comes around and I get tons of Borders giftcards, those books will be eaten through faster than I eat breakfast.

I slept over at [ profile] heartsalign's house on Friday, and spending time with a friend was exactly what I needed. :D I watched the Opening Ceremony over there with her, and I'm joining the legions of people who think it was a++ amazing. Because it was. I need to find some high quality screencaps or something, because it'd be fantastic to icon/make headers out of/just look back on it/et cetera. Also, wtf @ US Team; could you have taken ANY LONGER to gtfo the television screen?
We also watched Neo Angelique ~Abyss~, and I proceeded to angst about not finding a true pairing in the episodes we watched (because pairings make everything better), so I'm just going to settle for the OT5 that is the main cast. Maybe an OT10, actually, because other than the main character, EVERYONE ELSE IS A GUY.
Also, lawl at Code Geass Mario Party. :3

Mom picked me up around 1 the following afternoon, and she carted me along to my grandmother's. We get to her nursing home and I find out the reason we're there is because some idiot stole my grandmother's wedding ring. It's not just a case of 'it fell off her finger because she's losing weight', because we looked everywhere (seriously) and it was nowhere to be found. ): And apparently, it's pretty hard to get it off of her finger, since mom had a clasp put on the back of the band when she had it filled with cubic zirconium (my grandmother had made the diamonds into a necklace for my mother a few Christmases ago; one of those 'past present future' ones).
Even if the diamonds aren't real, just ugh. That ring is one of the last things she has in her small little room of my grandpa. It just seems so cruel to me that someone would take it just because she can't really do anything about it. ): I hope we manage to find it.

Anyway, since we went to my grandmother's yesterday, I will be home more quickly today. Thank goodness; my animefest prints are going so slowly. I'm seriously afraid I'm not going to get them finished on time. I'm almost 100% completed with 2 of them, and I've been working on several others at the same time, so hopefully I can finish up and get them ordered within the next few days. Orz, it will feel so good not to be chained to my tablet when this is all over.

Also, thank you, Church, for fixing the internet problem. I've been dying the past few weeks when I don't have anything to do other than write or play pokemanz.




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