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Kinda missed out on yesterday, sorry about that. Hope you guys had fun, whatever you did. :)

Yesterday we went to III Forks with my grandmother. It was nice and all, but it made me miss having Thanksgiving at home. I miss having the entire family over and saying grace and stuff like that. :/ Oh well. Spent the rest of the day working on stuff, writing, and tripping over things to download the Aria OVA, which I watched this morning.

Today is moving so slowly. This morning was spent reworking a fst for one of my roleplays, which is now a masterpiece I've been looping all day, lurking around OCR and AnimeRemix (Shi, I found a wonderful WHR remix by Dale North I need to send you), and rereading Paper 11.

Apparently Paper 11 is now being sold as an actual graphic novel, and I honestly want to get it. It comes with a reading guide, as well as some other things that I forget now. The style is just so pretty. I read the artists tutorial on how he does it, and I'm going to use it for Anna's commission. I hope it turns out okay.

This afternoon I worked on presents, and sketched out Anna's commission. This evening while mom is watching TV, I'm going to scan it in and hopefully finish it before Numb3rs comes on.

Tomorrow is Baki's birthday party, after which I'm coming home to work on a second commission and maybe that thing for the JHS drill team. If I didn't need money so badly, I'd totally blow that second half of, but... D:



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