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So the first week of summer has been completely amazing; unfortunately, however, it started with taking the SAT the day after school let out and I'm taking the ACT exactly a week later (tomorrow morning). Dad's picking me up afterward, though, and we're going to celebrate Father's Day... a week early. Ha.

I also met the local recruiter from SCAD and... where do I sign up? I'm sold. Completely. Since it is now officially on my list, Mom is planning a visit to Georgia so I'm extremely excited and cannot wait to go and see the campuses. I kind of want to go to their Savannah campus more than the one in Atlanta, though; the idea of living and having class in historical buildings rocks my socks so hard.

I finally started playing the Sims 3 after playing the Sims 2 (again) for about a week and... oh my god guys, I need the collector's edition. I want that flash drive. I want to spend the seventy dollars to support this game. Oooh my goodness. ):
Unfortunately, I'm more broke than broke right now. I really need to man up and apply to jobs and then just wait for the rejection, but I seriously don't know what to put for my previous job experience. I feel so bad just leaving it blank. Oh god. ; _ ;

I've also been watching ~classic disney movies~ and I ~totally love them even more if possible~. I started off with Sleeping Beauty, because it's pretty much my favorite Disney Princess movie, and then I watched Pocahontas for the first time since I got it on VHS and.... I was suprised. Like I thought I hated it because I remember not liking the music, but the plot was so different than my childhood impression.
Also the animal companions? Totally my favorite characters. In all of them. So not ashamed to say it.

Thiiinking an icon post sometime when I get back from my dad's, since I've got a lot stored up on my photobucket. They're all incredibly old though. Oops.

By the way, everyone should head over to Something Awful and watch some LPs. They're better than animu and mango. Honest.
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