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but i would appreciate it if you comment here before adding me so i can add you back!
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I LIVE IN texas (CST/-6 GMT)
I WAS BORN ON september 27th
MSN: marthyobsessed [at]
EMAIL: nao.nao.0 [at]
TWITTER: electrorequiem
LAST.FM: electrorequiem
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your turn! )
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I would love to list you all by name but I can't stop finding people awesome so... ;;
If you'd be so kind, please fill out my shiny, new contact post!

Sorry for the housekeeping spam. Since there are so many people being added to my friends-list, I figured that it was time to add all the regular shmeal like all the other hip, young things. In addition, I've retired my beloved default in favor of Catwoman, since Catwoman's kind of a little more awesome? idk.

In other news, I'm almost finished with the Once and Future King! I read bits of it during our Arthurian Legends unit in 10th grade, and it was really awesome then but now it's super cool. Merlyn is a badass, and I totally ship Lancelot/Arthur/Quenever, and King Pellinore is just so awesome and the book itself is just so funny and--
I only have one more part left. I don't want it to end, even if I do have the Book of Merlyn on my hands. /sob

After I finish my fantasy epics, I've got a few of Jorge Luis Borges's short story collections, along with Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk, and Borderliners by Peter Hoeg. :)♥ Life is good.

I'm supposed to be taking Economics by correspondence, but since Mom and I are cheap, we've been trying to order the book on Amazon rather than buying it directly from Texas Tech. Twice now I've received the wrong book, and when Mom finally called them, I'll be getting it... in 1-3 weeks. So, basically, I'll be cramming Econ in before school starts? Yes. Maybe. idk I just really wanted to start it and get it over with.
Mom also wants me to be working on getting my permit since I'm turning 18 in September and all, but the manual is so boring. Oh well!

peace out bros.
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Welcome to the party [ profile] candeefloss, [ profile] amerikun, [ profile] cowards, and [ profile] mirus_machina! Feel free to add me on MSN (marthyobsessed [at] and twitter. :)

EDIT: an additional welcome to [ profile] winged_requiem, [ profile] poisonwavehana, and [ profile] worldatomic! gabysu's friending meme is more like a love stew or something... idek. might as well pimp it out.

summer friending meme

new friends aside, this is the news i got after waking up from a nap )

I've been watching Whose Line clips to cheer myself up, but it's just so... gross. FABULOUS THING TO WAKE UP TO. /wrist

Creepy, lecherous, old dudes aside, I've been rearranging my room. :) My computer desk is now in a corner by all my posters (not all of them; still trying to figure out how to arrange them) and other things, and I love it.

my lava lamp, guys!!

Okay i'm going to go... now... and finish the Once and Future King (which is so fabulous guys).
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I.... laughed so hard you guys have no idea.
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k not really it was just called surgery because it was invasive. sorry.
I had this funky mole on my ankle, and since my dad (who, i will note, is not blood related to me since I'm adopted) has skin cancer, Mom marched me to the doctor and we had it removed RIGHT THERE and WHAT THE HELL. I was expecting my dermatologist to be like, "k lol since you're young and you have no real history it's cool will just watch it" but no, i was numbed and it was removed.
It was... weird. BUT I'LL HAVE A SCAR. On all those surveys on facebook that ask if you have a scar, I can be all, "why yes, i do, meme no one really ever reads, aren't i cool and mysterious and not boring oh ho". It's exciting

It's kind of late in the game, but [ profile] 7dayslimit is starting up again! It's TWEWY based, obviously; it's basically a real life reaper's game, and it was started by the oh so delightfully moe [ profile] heartsalign. Play next week! It's fun and stuff!

I also updated my profile. It's fashioned as an intropost kind of thing; listing everything that I love is so incredibly hard wwwwwtf.

So I watch The Speed Gamer Marathons like some obsessive thing that would sound witty in a metaphor. Their Metal Gear Marathon is finishing up tomorrow and I have to say I am kind of... glad. After MGS4 I never want to see old person ass after such a plentiful helping of it ever again. jesus christ.

I sat down with Mom and watched Merlin tonight, and lol @ lame special effects made tons more awesome by the fact that a show from BBC is airing on NBC. How awesome is that. I think I'm going to sit down tomorrow or something and watch all the episodes that I can find on the internet, even though my brain is going to be screaming at me that their version of Arthurian legend is WRONG. That's okay.

Ummmmm that's it. I think. Summer's been good to me thus far, ACT/SAT aside. And tiredness aside. And the occasional RAEG YOU NEED TO GET YOUR DRIVER'S PERMIT from my mother. Oh well. Hope you guys are doing good too.
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real life shit no one really cares about )

I've also been watching ~classic disney movies~ and I ~totally love them even more if possible~. I started off with Sleeping Beauty, because it's pretty much my favorite Disney Princess movie, and then I watched Pocahontas for the first time since I got it on VHS and.... I was suprised. Like I thought I hated it because I remember not liking the music, but the plot was so different than my childhood impression.
Also the animal companions? Totally my favorite characters. In all of them. So not ashamed to say it.

Thiiinking an icon post sometime when I get back from my dad's, since I've got a lot stored up on my photobucket. They're all incredibly old though. Oops.

By the way, everyone should head over to Something Awful and watch some LPs. They're better than animu and mango. Honest.
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x-posted from my dreamwidth

first things first, The Speed Gamers (a group of guys based in the D/FW area who raise money for different charities) are doing a mother/earthbound marathon! it's exciting! they're raising money for susan g. komen, so even if you don't want to watch the games or listen to the commentary, at least spread the word around so people can donate.

secondly, moby's releasing a new album in july (or was it june? i'll have to check his blog, but nevertheless i'm so excitedasjdf;alksfd). a lot on the contemode label needs to be released, like MEG's new album, maybe an Ami Suzuki single, and hopefully a new capsule single will be released soon.

speaking of contemode, i've learned a lot of my friends at school liked Perfume and i didn't know it! one of my friends even has the chocolate disco mv on her ipod. ♥

since my ap portfolio was submitted, i've picked up valkyrie profile ds again after a long term hiatus. so fun, and so satisfying. i really don't like killing off all my allies the first time around though, but in order to get better attacks on new game+...
i still love tactical rpgs with a huge passion; i can only hope black sigil: blade of the exile will be released... or have a release date that sticks, geez.

as for books, i started rereading the his dark materials series and have re-fallen in love with it. fff serafina is the best ever, and that is not a biased choice since she was played by eva green in the movie. go away. however, i have misplaced my copy of the amber spyglass, so when i finish the subtle knife again, i don't know what to do.

i also got a copy of fight club that i intend to read soon. chuck palahniuk aksdfja;lskdf♥ i've discovered a reoccurring theme of therapy group in his novels (well, at least it was a focus in choke, which is the only other novel of his i've read; zanisha could probably correct me), and it's kind of funny. :)

as an added note, i got two dreamwidth invite codes the other day. does anyone want them? :)
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MSN: marthyobsessed [@]
AIM: electrorequiem (rarely online; don't count on this)

livejournal n4o
icons nasplasha @ LJ
we♥it sophismata
tumblr summerstorms
twitter electrorequiem

please reply with your info. :) thanks!
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Life has been so busy lately. AP exam time is coming up so fast, so I've been working my ass off trying to finish and polish my portfolio to uber perfection, and it's just taking up all my time and energy and ugh. I get home and literally collapse because I am just so tired. It's incredibly depressing.

Luckily though, I managed to skip school today to go to my first official college visit; [ profile] verusmayaii and I went to SMU all day to tour the campus. Of course, it managed to be pouring for the first half, so we didn't get to tour it all - however, we toured their art building and had an amazing chat with the recruiter there, and I'm pretty much sold on applying? Pretty much? It surprised me to be honest. I suppose I just needed to get away from the general talk about GPA and well-rounded character and that kind of crap and go to the source.
I'm still lusting after SCAD though.
SCAD would be sooo niiiiiiice.

Oh yeah, one last thing before I go back to my wife.

Did I mention I'm going to SENIOR PROM?

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so um my last update was a month+ ago? oh whoops. ):

art is causing me way more difficulties than it did last semester; my long term art substitute is now our permanent teacher since mrs. verven resigned to stay home with her baby. miss segei is fresh out of college, and bases her entire teaching philosophy off of the art department head's rules without applying them well. predominantly, her major flaw is she grades our artwork off of quantity over quality... )
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Okay so my life the past two weeks can pretty much be summarized in the following list:


  • art

  • art-related stress

  • VASE

  • VASE-related stress

  • sleep and lack thereof

  • holy crap this book is awesome moar plz

  • lack-of-moar-book-plz angst


  • i also just lost the game

  • .... sorry

there you go anyway on to business.


OKAY I THINK I GOT YOUR ATTENTION I APOLOGIZE FOR THE OBNOXIOUS SPARKLE TEXT BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT. I am offering you (YES YOU) the opportunity to be a part of my next ~ART PROJECT~ HOORAY. I need all the onomatopoeias you can think of! Dig out those mangas and comic books and go search the internet for the best ones you can find and please share them with me! Pretty please? ♥
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAIFU [ profile] verusmayaii!
Here's to yet another year of awesome! Love you long time. :3

Real entry when I finish nanowrimo. 3k left hooooomg!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] tobakichan!!
I hope you had an awesome day. :D♥~
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That is all. ):
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colorgenics whatever )

why is it so sad that a computer can detect something that accurate when i don't talk about it at all?
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The past few weekends have been incredibly nice. I guess it's good for me to go out and do things, despite it kind of getting in the way of NaNoWriMo, but whatever. Birthday parties are always fun, and times with the waifu are a++.

misc angst about my grandmother )

By the way, if anyone on my flist is interested, [ profile] tobakichan and I may do another [ profile] stock_week, and we'd love more people to participate this time. :3 It'll probably be over a holiday sometime, so it won't interfere that much with school or anything (since that's a major concern for both of us).
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Honestly I am not suprised, but winning

EDIT: ps - i am sorry if a break your friend's page but really, it's true.


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