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Welcome to the party [ profile] candeefloss, [ profile] amerikun, [ profile] cowards, and [ profile] mirus_machina! Feel free to add me on MSN (marthyobsessed [at] and twitter. :)

EDIT: an additional welcome to [ profile] winged_requiem, [ profile] poisonwavehana, and [ profile] worldatomic! gabysu's friending meme is more like a love stew or something... idek. might as well pimp it out.

summer friending meme

Alright, so my grandmother passed away last year in October, leaving my mom as the sole beneficiary. She hasn't had much difficulty with everything EXCEPT for this piece of property (and something else i forgot) that wasn't listed in Grandma's will, so now we have to trot off to court. This lawyer my mom hired came with great recommendations from a friend of hers, and... is old enough to be my grandfather.

He finally came over to meet and talk with her about how court is going to go about a week ago? idk. as he was leaving he totally leaned over and kissed my mom on the cheek, and once the door was closed i learned that he said that she was cute. ): We joked that she had a new boyfriend for a while, but it squwicked us out way too much to continue. So naturally we have not invited him back, and my mom has not called him and begrudgingly emails him and alas, he keeps flirting with her. She emailed her friend about it and he said he'd take care of it, but tonight....


lawyer old enough to be my grandfather asked my mom on a date.


I've been watching Whose Line clips to cheer myself up, but it's just so... gross. FABULOUS THING TO WAKE UP TO. /wrist

Creepy, lecherous, old dudes aside, I've been rearranging my room. :) My computer desk is now in a corner by all my posters (not all of them; still trying to figure out how to arrange them) and other things, and I love it.

my lava lamp, guys!!

Okay i'm going to go... now... and finish the Once and Future King (which is so fabulous guys).
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