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I would love to list you all by name but I can't stop finding people awesome so... ;;
If you'd be so kind, please fill out my shiny, new contact post!

Sorry for the housekeeping spam. Since there are so many people being added to my friends-list, I figured that it was time to add all the regular shmeal like all the other hip, young things. In addition, I've retired my beloved default in favor of Catwoman, since Catwoman's kind of a little more awesome? idk.

In other news, I'm almost finished with the Once and Future King! I read bits of it during our Arthurian Legends unit in 10th grade, and it was really awesome then but now it's super cool. Merlyn is a badass, and I totally ship Lancelot/Arthur/Quenever, and King Pellinore is just so awesome and the book itself is just so funny and--
I only have one more part left. I don't want it to end, even if I do have the Book of Merlyn on my hands. /sob

After I finish my fantasy epics, I've got a few of Jorge Luis Borges's short story collections, along with Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk, and Borderliners by Peter Hoeg. :)♥ Life is good.

I'm supposed to be taking Economics by correspondence, but since Mom and I are cheap, we've been trying to order the book on Amazon rather than buying it directly from Texas Tech. Twice now I've received the wrong book, and when Mom finally called them, I'll be getting it... in 1-3 weeks. So, basically, I'll be cramming Econ in before school starts? Yes. Maybe. idk I just really wanted to start it and get it over with.
Mom also wants me to be working on getting my permit since I'm turning 18 in September and all, but the manual is so boring. Oh well!

peace out bros.
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Welcome to the party [ profile] candeefloss, [ profile] amerikun, [ profile] cowards, and [ profile] mirus_machina! Feel free to add me on MSN (marthyobsessed [at] and twitter. :)

EDIT: an additional welcome to [ profile] winged_requiem, [ profile] poisonwavehana, and [ profile] worldatomic! gabysu's friending meme is more like a love stew or something... idek. might as well pimp it out.

summer friending meme

new friends aside, this is the news i got after waking up from a nap )

I've been watching Whose Line clips to cheer myself up, but it's just so... gross. FABULOUS THING TO WAKE UP TO. /wrist

Creepy, lecherous, old dudes aside, I've been rearranging my room. :) My computer desk is now in a corner by all my posters (not all of them; still trying to figure out how to arrange them) and other things, and I love it.

my lava lamp, guys!!

Okay i'm going to go... now... and finish the Once and Future King (which is so fabulous guys).


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