May. 17th, 2009

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first things first, The Speed Gamers (a group of guys based in the D/FW area who raise money for different charities) are doing a mother/earthbound marathon! it's exciting! they're raising money for susan g. komen, so even if you don't want to watch the games or listen to the commentary, at least spread the word around so people can donate.

secondly, moby's releasing a new album in july (or was it june? i'll have to check his blog, but nevertheless i'm so excitedasjdf;alksfd). a lot on the contemode label needs to be released, like MEG's new album, maybe an Ami Suzuki single, and hopefully a new capsule single will be released soon.

speaking of contemode, i've learned a lot of my friends at school liked Perfume and i didn't know it! one of my friends even has the chocolate disco mv on her ipod. ♥

since my ap portfolio was submitted, i've picked up valkyrie profile ds again after a long term hiatus. so fun, and so satisfying. i really don't like killing off all my allies the first time around though, but in order to get better attacks on new game+...
i still love tactical rpgs with a huge passion; i can only hope black sigil: blade of the exile will be released... or have a release date that sticks, geez.

as for books, i started rereading the his dark materials series and have re-fallen in love with it. fff serafina is the best ever, and that is not a biased choice since she was played by eva green in the movie. go away. however, i have misplaced my copy of the amber spyglass, so when i finish the subtle knife again, i don't know what to do.

i also got a copy of fight club that i intend to read soon. chuck palahniuk aksdfja;lskdf♥ i've discovered a reoccurring theme of therapy group in his novels (well, at least it was a focus in choke, which is the only other novel of his i've read; zanisha could probably correct me), and it's kind of funny. :)

as an added note, i got two dreamwidth invite codes the other day. does anyone want them? :)


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