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Since today is hump day (meaning hump in the week, thank you very much) I thought I'd actually post about my life for once. Omigah.

I forgot A Tale of Two Cities at school yesterday the DAY before a reading check. Why yes I am an idiot that's for telling me! :D I suppose I should be going and reading it online so I've read the rest of episode 3 unoffically. Ah well.
IPC test today. I still hate my class, and still wish Mrs. Balaji would please stop being so scatterbrained. She also talks through the pledge and the moment of silence (not that I care, but wouldn't she get in trouble) and ruins my extra few minutes of chill time.
Geometry could be better. We're doing definitions in class though, so I have a lot of doodling and writing time.
We're doing value in art. I'm doing well on the homework assignment but my drawing in class is really shitty quality thus far.
In History, we're learning about Greece, which means Athens and Sparta. Oh jesus christ I almost shouted "THIS IS SPARTAAA" a million times during class, but I'll save my reputation until second semester thank yew.
Latin is fun. I got a 100 + an awesome because of my translation comic. xD I can't wait to translate the next one~

Also, this is late but that picture of Lei'ella and Varden up on Inverloch is hot. <3

I'm also starting on the cover for my web comic. It's very pretty so far, but I hope I capture enough Imperial Boy-esque ness in Galbavire.
I wish I could buy Robot, because I totally would JUST for his landscapes. He needs an art book damn it!

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